Projects on Black Scientists and Mathematicians

I believe enough personal information can be found either on the web
or through direct contact with one of those 80+ people

w = woman, M = math, c = computer science, p = physics, a = astronomy or astrophysics

a Stephon Alexander

M Idris Assani

c w Shermane Austin

a Harvey Washington Banks

M Benjamin Banneker

M Curtis A. Barefoot

M Earl Barnes

a Gibor Basri

M Charles B. Bell, Jr.

a Jason Best

a Beth Brown

M Albert Bharucha-Reid

M David Blackwell

c Shawn Blanton

p Edward Bouchet

M w Sylvia Trimble Bozeman

M Johnny Brown

M w Marjorie Lee Browne

a George Carruthers

M Elthelbert Chukwu

M William Claytor

M Charles Costley

a Stanley Davis

M Nathaniel Dean

M Lloyd Demetrius

c Clarence (Skip) Ellis

M David Ellis

M Wade Ellis, Sr.

M Wade Ellis, Jr.

c Philip Emeagwali

M w Etta Zuber Falconer

M Jonathan Farley

M Amassa Fauntleroy

M Thomas Fuller

p Sylvester (Jim) Gates

M w Gloria Ford Gilmer

M Edray Goins

p Meredith Gourdine

M Eugene Graham

M w Evelyn Boyd Granville

M w Eugenia Haynes

M Johnny Houston

w Fern Hunt

p Elmer Imes

M w Tasha Inniss

p Shirley Jackson

M w Trachette Jackson

M p Clifford Johnson

M Raymond Johnson

M w Eleanor Green Dawley Jones

M w Genevieve Madeline Knight

c Kevin Kornegay

a Walter McAfee

M w Dawn Lott

M Williams Massey

M w Vivienne Malone Mayes

M w Shirley Mathis McBay

M w Rada Higgins McCreadie

M Ruben McDaniel

M Ronald Mickens

M Kelly Miller

p Harry Morrison

p Homer Neal

M Gaston N'Guérékata

M w Katherine Okikiolu

M p Arlie Petters

M Charles Reason

p Allen L. Sessoms

M Abdulalim A. Shabazz

M w Dolores Richard Spikes

M Clarence Stephens

c w Sandra Johnson Taylor

M Valerie Taylor

c John Trimble

a Neil Tyson

M Alton S. Wallace

M w Kimberly Weems

M Floyd Williams

M Lloyd Williams

M w Roselyn Williams

M Scott Williams

M p J. Ernest Wilkins

M Dudley Woodard




visitors since opening 5/25/97

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