Dear Students,

Having trouble locating information on the person you chose or who was chosen for you?

I agree that the amount of material I have on a few of these people is somewhat lacking (student projects is not really my original intention).

Below, let me give you some suggestions.

Thank you for your attention.

Dr. Williams


I am assuming your homework concerns one of the individuals on this web site.

  1. Have you tried to find your person in my list of people's profiles?
    for Math; for Computer Science; for Physics ; for Astronomy.
    If yes, go on.
  2. Additional major sources are Faces (for science) and SUMMA (for Math).
  3. Have you searched Google and looked at other hits?
    Trust me, if there are any, they will show up at google. (I find yahoo, hotbot, and the others not useful for this project.)
    If yes, go on.
  4. Have you clicked any link to the person's web page (if there is one). Also, sometimes I give, as references, other web pages. Please note some people may be traveling and away from a computer. Some people simply don't read their email daily. Many people do not respond to rude letters or very poor English (so check your email carefully before sending)
    If yes, go on
  5. Sometimes additional information can be attained by telephoning the person themselves, or if the individual is dead, you might try the last place of employment. This means a lot of patience, persistence, and time (I hope you didn't wait until the assignent is nearly do). For long distance phoning, you might involve your parents.
    don't like #4, go on.
  6. If the above tools don't work, let me suggest another person. I believe enough personal information can be found either on the web or through direct contact with one of those people listed HERE
    (of course you may
    still have to try some of the suggestions above, say write to the individual):



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