Shermane Austin



B.S. Economics (1984) City College of New York; M.S. Computer Science (1985) City College of New York

Ph.D., Computer Science (1993) City University of New York
thesis: Discrete Models of Robot Path Planning ; Advisor: Michael Anshel

the City College of New York and The CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development; Medgar Edwards College

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Since 1995, Dr. Austin has been the Principal Investigator of a MUSPIN/NASA grant, co-investigator of several other NASA grants. He was also a faculty fellow at the Goddard Institute of Space Studies. With The CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development, she isvolved with development and interest (to support a NY/NJ/LI real-time data network)-TCP/IP client/server applications Expertise: C, C++, Java, Perl/Solaris, Linux, etc.

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Shermane Austin's Research interests include automated reasoning, neural networks and intelligent systems with applications in Meteorology, Remote Sensing and Microclimatology. Current areas of investigation include multi-level pattern recognition models for intelligent searching of meteorological data.

Selected Publications

  1. Simulated Comparisons of Remotely Sensed Winds with Measurements by the Deep Ocean National Data Buoys and with Synoptic Scale Winds in the Marine Boundary Layer", S. Austin, W. Pierson, W. Sylvester Proceedings of the NASA Scatterometer Science Symposium, November 1997, Hawaii
  2. "Mesocale and synoptic-scale effects on the validation of NSCAT by means of data buoy reports", S. Austin and W. Pierson, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 104, No. C5, Pp 11,437-11447, 5/15/99
  3. "Urban Science and Technology in New York, NASA Science Informations System Newsletter", S. Austin, V. Thomas, S. Gedzelman, Issue 52, 1999
  4. "New York City's Compound Urban Heat Island", S. Austin, S. Gedzelman, International Conference on Urban Climatology, November 1999, Sydney
  5. "The Greater New York City Sea Breeze Vortex and Watchung Front", S. Gedzelman, S. Austin International Conference on Urban Climatology, November 1999, Sydney
  6. "Intelligent Web-based System for Retrieval of Meteorological Data", S. Austin, I. Maslov, M. Vulis, Association of Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, December, 2000, San Francisco
  7. "Visualization of Meterological and Related Data Using Plug-ins based on Latex Technology", M. Vulis, S. Austin, American Metereological Society Annual Conference, 17th International Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems for Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology , January 2001, Alburquerque, New Mexico


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