Stephon Alexander


place: Trinidad, raised in Bronx, NY

BS Physics 1993 Haverford College

Ph.D. Physics 2000 Brown University
thesis: Topological Defects In Alternative Theories To Cosmic Inflation And String Cosmology; Advisor: Brandenberger, Robert H.

post doctorate, Stanford University Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP)


In a Bronx, N.Y., high school where the dropout rate was 60 percent, a guidance counselor declined to give Stephon Alexander an application to an Ivy League university. "You won't get in," Alexander recalls the counselor saying. But Alexander (left) proved the counselor wrong. After a BS at Haverford and a Ph.D. in Physics from Brown University, the counselor appears to have gotten it wrong. After his Ph.D., Alexander was at London's Imperial College. Currently he is a member of the SLAC high energy physics group and Stanford's ITP (Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Here is what has been written about Alexander's work in the paper Quantum Gravity and Inflation:

In the past he has published string-and-brane-type research and also in noncommutative geometry (Shawn Majid is at Imperial College) but in the present article is working in an area closely related to Martin Bojowald's loop quantum cosmology. Bojowald also found that loop quantum cosmology generates an inflationary period---as well as eliminating the big bang singularity. Alexander, Malecki, and Smolin refer to this paper of Bojowald "and the references therein"



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