Floyd L. Williams


Born: September 20, 1939

Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri

B.S. (1972) Lincoln University (Missouri); M.S. (1975) Washington University (St. Louis)

Ph.D. (1972) Washington University (St. Louis)
thesis: Reduction of Tensor Products of Principle Series Representation of Complex Semi-Simple Lie Groups; Advisor: Ray Kunze

Research Interests: Holomorphic, cohomological, and representation theoretic aspects of Lie theory

Professor of Mathematics, University of Massachusettes at Amherst

URL: http://www.math.umass.edu/Fac_Staff_Students/Faculty/Williams/index.html

Floyd Williams was raised in extreme poverty in Kansas City, Missouri and he had not thought of going to college until his last week in high school when he was offered a music scholarship at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.  He became side-tracked by Mathematics and Physics.


In 1962 Floyd L. Williams earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Lincoln University. At Washington University he earned his M.S.(1965) and Ph.D.(1972) in Mathematics. Dr. Floyd L. Williams held the positions of Associate Instructor at the University of California/Irvine (1970-72) and Instructor Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1972-75). At the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Dr. Williams has been an Assistant Professor (1975-1978), Associate Professor (1978-84), and Professor (1984 -). In 1992 he was the Keynote Speaker at the Forum on Diversity, Excellence, and Motivation, Holyoke Community College. Dr. Williams has given piano recitals overseas. Details can be found on his vita page. Also see the autobiography the SUMMA web site. Also see the web page: Who are the greatest Black Mathematicians?


Dr. Williams has given more than 65 invited lectures , colloquia, and seminar talks at 60 universities and institutes in 14 countries. Dr. Williams publication page for the complete list.

FILM: Williams, Floyd L. An analogue of Hüber's formula for Riemann's zeta function. A lecture presented at the 1991 Annual Meeting of the MAA held in San Francisco, California, January 1991. AMS-MAA Joint Lecture Series. Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC, 1991. 1 videocassette (NTSC; 1/2 inch; VHS) (45 min.); sd., col.

From 1974 to 1997, Dr. Floyd Williams has published more than 40 research papers and four books:


  1. Floyd L.Williams. Topics in quantum mechanics, Progress in Mathematical Physics
    series, vol.27 (2003), Birkhauser ISBN 0-8176-4311-7
  2. Williams, Floyd L. Lectures on the spectrum of $L\sp 2(\Gamma \backslash G)$. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series, 242. Longman Scientific &Technical, Harlow; copublished in the United States with John Wiley &Sons, Inc., New York, 1991. xiv+348 pp. ISBN: 0-582-06863-0
  3. Andrei A.Bytsenko and Floyd L.Williams (Editors). Mathematical Methods in Physics, Proceeding of the 1999 Londrina Winter School,World Scientific Pub.ISBN 981-02-4284-0, (2000)
  4. Williams, Floyd L. Tensor products of principal series representations. Reduction of tensor products of principal series. Representations of complex semisimple Lie groups. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 358. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York, 1973. vi+132 pp.

selected papers

44. Bytsenko, A. A.; Gonçalves, A. E.; Williams, F. L. The conformal anomaly in general rank $1$ symmetric spaces and associated operator product. Modern Phys. Lett. A 13 (1998), no. 2, 99--108.

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41. Williams, Floyd L. The role of Selberg's trace formula in the computation of Casimir energy for certain Clifford-Klein space-times. African Americans in mathematics (Piscataway, NJ, 1996), 69--82, DIMACS Ser. Discrete Math. Theoret. Comput. Sci., 34, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 1997.

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1. Williams, Floyd L. Laplace operators and the ${\germ h}$ module structure of certain cohomology groups. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 197 (1974), 1--57.


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