Eleanor Green Dawley Jones


Born: August 10, 1929

Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia

B.S. Mathematics (1949) Howard University; M.S. Mathematics (1950) Howard University

Ph.D. Mathematics (1966) Syracuse University
area: Algebra; thesis: Abelian Groups and Their Endomorphism Rings, and the Direct Decomposition and Euqsi-Endomorphisms of Torsion Free Abelian Groups; advisor James D. Reid

Professor Emeritus, Norfolk State University

email: egjones@nsu.edu

Eleanor Green was born in Norfolk, VA on August 10 as one of six (6) children from the marriage of Lillian Vaughn Green (a former domestic worker) and George Herbert Green, a postal letter carrier. Although neither parent had attended college, both assumed and planned that all six of their children would become college graduates. Their expectations became realities, with two daughters earning the Ph.D. degree.

Eleanor attended Howard University as a mathematics major, David Blackwell was her Professor in first mathematics course, and Elbert Cox was later a professor. She earned a B.S. in math (1949), and an M.S. (1950) at Howard University. After Howard, Eleanor taught for two years at the same high school from which she graduated (Booker T. Washington High School 1945 in Norfolk, Virginia) . After marriage to Edward Dawley, Jr. and the birth of her first son her high school teaching career came to an end. In 1955, shortly after the birth of her second son, Eleanor became an instructor at Hampton Institute (Now University).

When she decided to further her graduate work, the University of Virginia and other Virginia schools did not allow blacks to enter graduate work. Thus, in 1962, so she quit her position at Hampton and moved, with her young children, to Syracuse New York, where she supported her family while pursuing graduate work at Syracuse University. She earned earned her Ph.D. from Syracuse University (1966). Her advisor, James D. Reid, later became the advisor of Geraldine Darden, a former student of Eleanor at Hampton. In 1967 she became Professor and Math Department chair at Hampton Institute, in 1968 she became Professor and Chair of the Mathematics Department at Norfolk State College (now University).

In 1975, Dr. Jones was elected Vice President of NAM.

Jones, E.O. 4' + 4' + 4' = aSquare. American Mathematical Monthly. (March 1969).

Jones, E.O. A Note on Abelian P-Groups and Their Endomorphism Rings. American Mathematical Monthly (May, 1967)

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