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It is unknown how many African scientists did a doctorate in mathematics. We estimate it to be around two thousand in North Africa and more than a thousand South of the Sahara. The first North African to have completed a doctorate in mathematics was probably the Egyptian Ali Mostafa Mosharafa, who received his Ph.D. and D.Sc. from the University of London in 1923 and 1924 respectively. Excluding South Africa, the first mathematician from Africa South of the Sahara to earn a doctorate in mathematics was probably the Nigerian Chike Edozien Umuezei Obi (b. 1921) who received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1950.

Below we present a first list of examples of African doctorates in mathematics, mathematics education and the history of mathematics. We refer to mathematicians either born in Africa (today some may be citizens of countries outside Africa) or citizens of African countries (some of whom may have been born outside the continent). We do not include those countries where we already have web pages. This web page is under construction.

The list is rather complete for some countries like Burkina Faso, Malawi and Mozambique, and very incomplete for others, like Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and several countries in North Africa. We hope to receive more replies from colleagues to be able to update regularly the list and to obtain a more complete view of the situation on the continent. We think, nevertheless, that even an incomplete list as the one that follows, may give already some impression of the variety of fields in which African mathematicians are working. Academic titles may vary in time and from country to country. The academic titles indicated in the list are the ones as given by the mathematicians themselves, and all refer to doctorates at least equivalent to the Ph.D. The list of examples is organised first in the alphabetical order of the countries and then in temporal order of the date of receiving the doctorates.






Burkina Faso



Canary Islands (Spain)

Central African Republic

DR of Congo [Zaire]

Côte d'Ivoire




  1. MAD Guy Martial NKIET (b. 1966) (Male)
    1994 (Doctorat unique) Mesures d'association et analyse canonique [Measures of association and canonical analysis], Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France); Advisor: Jacques Dauxois.
  2. Philibert NANG (b. 1967) (Male)
    1996 (Doctorat unique) D-modules holonomes reguliers associés au groupe des similitudes [Regular holonomic D-modules associated to the group similitudes], University of Paris 6 (Paris, France); Advisor: Louis Boutet de Monvel.
  3. Jocelyn NEMBE (b. 1967) (Male)
    1996 (Doctorat unique) Estimation de la fonction d'intensité d'un procesus ponctuel par la méthode de complexité minimale [Minimum complexity estimation for the intensity function of a point process], Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France); Advisor: Gérard Grégoire.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Théophile MAVOUNGOU;


Guinea Conakry

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Alfa Lamine SYLLA


  1. MAD George Kinuthia Kiarie SAITOTI (b. 1944) (Male)
    1971 (Ph.D.) Mod-2 K-Theory of the Second Iterated Loop Space on a Sphere, University of Warwick (Warwick, UK); Advisor: Luke Hodgkin.
  2. John Nguthu MUTIO (Male)
    1971 (Ph.D.) Frobenius Groups, Syracuse University (Syracuse NY, USA); Advisor: Larry C. Grove.
  3. Wandera OGANA (b. 05.1946) (Male)
    1975 (Ph.D.) Computation of steady two-dimensional transonic flows by an integral equation method, Stanford University (Stanford CA, USA); Advisor: John R. Spreiter.
  4. Patrick Guge Oloo WEKE (b. 28.12.1962) (Male)
    2001 (Ph.D.) Simplified Optimal and Relay Linear Unbiased Estimation of Parameters of Logistic Distribution, Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin, China); Advisors: Wang Chengguan & Wu Congxin.
  5. Mourice Ouma OTIENO (b. 09.02.1968) (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) On Quasi-affinity, Equivalence and Intersection of some Classes of Operators in Hilbert Spaces, University of Nairobi (Nairobi, Kenya); Advisors: Jairus M. Khalagai & G. P. Pokhariyal.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: George ESHIWANI (b. ..) (Male)


  1. Moshe MOLELEKOA (b. 1942) (Male)
    1982 (Ph.D.) Space-time symmetries of Yang-Mills gauge fields, University of Washington (Seattle, Washington, USA); Advisors: Judith M. Arms & J. M. Westwater.
  2. Ntsibane Stephen NTLATLAPA (Male)
    1999 (Ph.D.) Verified High-Level Synthesis Front-End and Simulator Using Dependence Flow Graphs, Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama, USA); Advisor: Richard Chapman.
  3. Thabiso NYABANYABA (b. 07.01.1961) (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) The ordinary level (O level) mathematics examination in Lesotho and the impact of recent trends on Basotho students' epistemological access, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Jill Adler.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: M. P. RAMOLLO


  1. Harisson RATSIMBA-RAJOHN (Male)
    1981 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Etude de deux méthodes de mesures rationnelles : la commensuration et le fractionnement de l'unité, en vue d'élaboration de situations didactiques, Université Bordeaux 1 (Bordeaux, France); Advisor: Guy Brousseau.
    1992 (Doctorat d'Université) Contribution à l'étude de hiérarchie implicative. Application à l'analyse de la gestion didactique des phénomènes d'ostension et de contradictions [Contribution to the study of implicative hierarchy. Application to the analysis of didactic management of the phenomena of exposition and of contradiction], Université Rennes 1 (Rennes, France); Advisors: Régis Gras & Guy Brousseau.
  2. Fanja RAKOTONDRAJAO (b. 1969) (Female)
    1999 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) R-multipermutations hierarchisées et dérangements, Université d'Antananarivo (Antananarivo, Madagascar); Advisor: Roberto Mantaci (Université Paris 7, France).

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Overtoun M. G. JENDA (b. 29.08.1954) (Male)
    1981 (Ph.D.) On Injective Resolvents, University of Kentucky (USA); Advisor: Edgar Earl Enochs.
  2. Busiso Pascal CHISALA (Male)
    1986 (Ph.D.) Canonical Coordinates for Hyperelliptic Curves in Characteristics P, University of California (Berkeley Ca, USA); Advisor: Arthur Ogus.
  3. MAD Llolsten KAONGA
    1994 (Ph.D.) Decomposable Functions and Universal C*-Algebras, University of New Hampshire (Durham NH, USA); Advisor: Donald Hadwin.
  4. Jimmy Joseph Ipiphi NAMANGALE (b. 01.06.1962) (Male)
    1998 (Ph.D.) Some contributions to queueing theory, University of Sheffield (Sheffield, United Kingdom); Advisor: Damodar Shanbhag.
  5. Willy MWAKAPENDA (b. 14.06.1966) (Male)
    2000 (Ph.D.) On using everyday experiences in teaching secondary mathematics in Malawi: Possibilities and constraints for change, Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia); Advisors: Susie Groves & Elizabeth Buckingham.
  6. MAD Eunice Gogo MPHAKO (b. 03.043.1968) (Female) .
    2001 (Ph.D.) Tutte Polynomials, Chromatic Polynomials and Matroids, Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand); Advisor Geoff Whittle.
  7. Eric Chester MWAMBENE (b. 21.03.1967) (Male)
    2001 (Ph.D.) Representing Graphs on Groupoids, Symmetry and Form, University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria); Advisor: Gert Sabidussi.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:




  1. El Khalil O. MOHAMDI (b. 31.12.1958) (Male)
    1988 (Doctorat unique) Elimination Réduite [Reduced elimination], Université L.Pasteur (Strasbourg, France); Advisor: J. P. Jouanolou.
  2. Ould Ahmed Izid Bih ISSELKOU (b. 31.12.1961) (Male)
    1991 (Doctorat unique) Problèmes Semilinéaires Elliptiques dans des Domaines Bornés et non Bornés [Existence and Nonexistence Results for Nonlinear Elliptic Problems on Bounded and Unbounded Domains], Université d'Orléans (Orléans, France); Advisor: Alice Simon.
  3. Sid'Ahmed Ahmed LESSIAD (b.31/12/1964) (Male)
    1997 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Quantification par déformations des structures de Poisson quadratiques en dimensions 3 et 4 [Deformations Quantization of quadratic Poisson structures in dimensions 3 and 4], Faculté des Sciences Semlalia (Marrakech, Morrocco); Advisor: Thami Az-Eddine.
  4. Khalil EL MEHDI (b. 20.12.1967) (Male)
    1998 (Ph.D.) Sur un problème de type Yamabe: L'effet topologique des points critiques a l'infini [On a Yamabe type problem: The topological effect of critical points at infinity], Université Tunis II (Tunis, Tunisia); Advisor: Abbas Bahri (Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA).
  5. Toka DIAGANA (b. 27.12.1967) (Male)
    1999 (Doctorat unique) Sommes d'opérateurs et conjecture de Kato-McIntosh [Sums of Linear Operators and Kato-McIntosh's Conjecture], Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1 (Lyon, France); Advisor: J. B. Baillon.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Daouda SANGARÉ, Sidi Békaye SOKONA


  1. Chan Feng CHAN MAN FONG (b. 19.06.1938) (Male)
    1965 (Ph.D.) Some stability problems in the theory of flow of elastico-viscous liquids, University of Wales (Aberystwyth, United Kingdom); Advisors: T.V. Davies & K. Walters.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Nouzha EL YACOUBI (b. 24.04.1950) (Female) .
    1978 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Sur les Modules Topologiques et Bornologiques [On topological and bornological modules], Université de Rabat (Rabat, Morocco); Mohamed Akkar.
    1995 (Doctorat d'état) Sur les Algèbres Topologiques non Associatives [On non-associative topological algebras], Université de Rabat (Rabat, Morocco); Advisor: Mohamed Akkar.
  2. Habiba EL BOUAZZAOUI (Female) .
    1982 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Etude de situations scolaires des premiers enseignements du nombre et de la numération. Relations entre divers caractères de ses situations et le sens, la compréhension de l'apprentissage de ces notions [Study of school situations of the first teaching of number and numeration. Relationships between diverse characters of these situations and the meaning, the understanding of the learning of these notions]. Université Bordeaux 1 (Bordeaux, France); Advisor: Guy Brousseau.
    1988 (Ph.D.) Conceptions des élèves et des professeurs a propos de la notion de continuité d'une fonction [Pupils' and teachers' conceptions concerning the notion of continuity of a function], Université Laval (Québec, Canada); Advisors: Claude Gaulin & Guy Brousseau.
  3. Mohamed ABALLAGH (Male)
    1988 (Doctorat) Raf al-Hijab d'Ibn al-Banna (critical edition, French translation, philosophical study and mathematical analysis), Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris, France).
  4. Mohammed BAHRA (Male)
    1995 (Thèse d'Université). Problèmes de didactique de la numération; échecs et succès de la re-mathématisation [Problems of the didactics of numeration; failures and successes of re-mathematisation], Université Bordeaux 1 (Bordeaux, France); Advisor: Guy Brousseau.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Mohamed AKKAR,





  1. Chike Edozien Umuezei OBI (b. 21.04.1921) (Male)
    1950 (Ph.D.) Periodic Solutions of Non-linear Differential Equations of Second Order, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK); Advisors: Mary Lucy Cartwright & J. E. Littlewood.
  2. Adegoke OLUBUMMO (19.04.1923 ­ 26.10.1992) (Male)
    1955 (Ph.D.) Studies in the Theory of Linear Spaces, University of Durham (Castle-Upon-Tyne, UK); Advisor: Werner Rogosinski.
  3. James Okoye Chucuka EZEILO (Male)
    1959 (Ph.D.) Some topics in the theory of non-linear differential equations of the third order, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England UK).
    1989 (D.Sc. honoris causa), University of Maiduguri (Nigeria)
    1995 ( honoris causa), Federal University of Technology (Akure, Nigeria)
    1996 (D.Sc. honoris causa), University of Nigeria (Nsukka, Nigeria)
  4. Grace ALELE WILLIAMS (Female) .
    1963 Ph.D. Mathematics Education University of Chicago
  5. Alexander Obiefoka Enukora ANIMALU (b. 28.08.1938) (Male)
    1965 (Ph.D.) Model Potential in Solids, University of Ibadan (Ibadan, Nigeria); Advisor: Volker Heine.
  6. Sunday Osarumwense IYAHEN (b. 03.10.1937) (Male)
    1967 (Ph.D.) On certain classes of linear topological spaces, University of Keele (Keele, England); Advisor: Alexander Robertson.
    1987 (D.Sc.) University of Keele (Keele, England).
  7. MAD Augustine ESOGBUE (b. ) (Male)
    1968 (Ph.D.) University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA); Advisor: Richard E. Bellman.
  8. Boniface EKE (b. 06.06.1933) (Male)
    1969 (Ph.D.) Structure of Inseparable Composites, Iowa State University (USA); Advisor: Bernard Vinograde.
  9. MAD John C. AMAZIGO (male)
    1970 Ph.D. Harvard University
  10. Olusola AKINYELE (b. 11.05.1944) (Male)
    1971 (Ph.D.) Studies in Abstract Harmonic Analysis on Semigroups, University of Ibadan (Ibadan, Nigeria), Advisor: Adegoke Olubummo.
  11. MAD Samuel A. ILORI
    (1971) PHD Oxford University (ENGLAND)
  12. Aderemi Oluyomi KUKU (b. 20.03.1941) (Male)
    1971 (Ph.D.) On the Whitehead group of p-adic integral group-rings of finite p-groups, University of Ibadan (Ibadan, Nigeria); Advisor: Hyman Bass.
  13. Ethelbert Nwakuche CHUKWU (b. 22.11.1940) (Male)
    1972 (Ph.D.) Symmetries and Identification of Linear Control Systems, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio, USA); Advisor: Otomar Hájek.
  14. Christopher Olutunde IMORU (Male)
    1972 (Ph.D.) The Jensen-Steffensen Inequality, Northwestern University (Evanton, Illinois, USA); Advisor: Ralph P. Boas Jr.
  15. George Olatokunbo OKIKIOLU
    1972 (Ph.D)
  16. MAD Kevin Ejere OSONDU
    1974 Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo; thesis: A Unified Theory of Extension of Bins to Semigroups and of Semigroups to Groups; Advisor: Dov Tamari
  17. MAD Bola O. BALOGUN (b. 1943) (Male)
    1975 Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles; thesis: Some problems in Group Theory, advisor: E.G. Straus
  18. MAD Wandera OGANA (b. May 1946)
    1975 Ph.D Stanford University; thesis: Computation of steady two-dimensional transonic flows by an integral equation method; advisor: John R. Spreiter
  19. MAD David Olarewaju OLAGUNJU
    1981 Ph.D. Northwestern University; thesis: Bifurcation and Stability of Propagating Oscillatory Flames; Advisor: Bernard Matkowsky
  20. MAD Gabriel Audu OYIBO (b 1952)
    (1981) Ph.D. Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute; thesis: ?; advisor George Handleman
  21. MAD Charles Ejike CHIDUME (Male)
    Ph.D. (1985) Ohio State University (USA); thesis: ITERATIVE METHODS AND NONLINEAR FUNCTIONAL EQUATIONS; Advisor William Jay Davis
  22. George Emese OKECHA (b. 04.04.1949) (Male)
    1986 (Ph.D.) Numerical quadrature of singular and non-singular integrals, University of Bradford (Bradford, England); Advisor: David Hunter.
  23. Adewale Roland Tunde SOLARIN (b. 05.04.1954) (Male)
    1987 (Ph.D.) On finite Bol loops, Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria); Advisor: Bhagirath Lal Sharma.
  24. Anthony Nnemeka EKE (b. 12.02.1949) (Male)
    1990 (Ph.D.) Contributions to Nonlinear Functional Differential Equations, University of Nigeria (Nsukka, Nigeria); Advisors: C. E. Chidume & James O. C. Ezeilo.
  25. Livinus Ugochukwu UKO (b. 24.06.1960) (Male)
    1990 (Ph.D.) Numerical solution of variational inequalities (in Italian), Universita degli studi di Milano (Milan, Italy); Advisor: Claudio Baiocchi.
  26. Yewande OLUBUMMO (b. 08.02.1960) (Female) .
    1991 (Ph.D.) Measures on empirical logics and the properties of their associated dual Banach spaces, University of Massachusetts (Amherst, USA); Advisor: Thurlow Cook.
  27. MAD Abba GUMEL
    1993 Ph.D. Computational Mathematics , Brunel University, (England).
  28. Nkechi Madonna Adeleine AGWU (b. 10.08.1962) (Female) .
    1995 (Ph.D.) Using a Computer Laboratory Setting to Teach College Calculus, Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York, USA); Advisor: Howard Johnson.
  29. Oluwole Daniel MAKINDE (b. 12.12.1967) (Male)
    1996 (Ph.D.) Laminar Flow in Channels and Tubes of Varying Cross-Section, University of Bristol (Bristol, United Kingdom); Advisor: P. G. Drazin.
  30. Ezekiel Olusola AYOOLA (b. 26.09.1958) (Male)
    1999 (Ph.D.) On Numerical Procedures For Solving Lipschitzian Quantum Stochastic Differential Equations, University of Ibadan (Ibadan, Nigeria); advisor: G. O. S. Ekhaguere.
  31. Olusola C. IDOWU (b. 23.04.1970)
    2000 (Ph.D.) Simulations of acoustic turbulence and dynamic action in irrotational flows, University of Newcastle (Newcastle, England)
  32. James Adedayo OGUNTUASE (Male)
    2001 (Ph.D.) On weighted norm inequalities for a certain class of integral operators, Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria); Advisor: Christopher Olutunde Imoru
  33. John Olusola ADENIRAN (27.06.1969) (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) The Study of Certain Classes of Loops via their Bryant-Schneider groups, University of Agriculture (Abeokuta, Nigeria); Advisor: Adewale Roland Tunde Solarin.
  34. Sammani Danwawu ABDULLAHI (b. 01.08.1969)
    2003 (Ph.D.) Vertex Enumeration and Counting for Certain Classes of Polyhedra, Leeds University (Leeds, U.K.); Advisors: L. G. Proll & Martin Dyer.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:
Iya Abubakar, Adeniran Adeboye, Samson A. Adeleke, John O. Adeyeye, Matthew Adigun, , Edet Peter AKPAN, Sam ALE, Alexander O. E. ANIMALU, James EZEILO, Simeon Ola FATUNLA, Peter LASSA, Babagana Alhaji Madu,
Abdussalaam SAMBO

We do not know of anyone from this country with a Ph.D. in Mathematics

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Augustin BANYAGA (b. 31.03.1947) (Male)
    1976 (Docteur es Sciences Mathématiques) Sur la structure des groupes de diffeomorphismes qui preservent une forme symplectique ou une forme de contact regulière [On the structure of the groups of diffeomorphisms preserving a symplectic form or a regular contact form], Université de Génève (Geneva, Switzerland); Advisor: André Haefliger.
  2. Désiré KARANGWA (b. 1952) (Male)
    1988 (doctorat) Une étude analytique sur le comportement à longe terme du système Galléen de Jupiter [An analytical study of the long term behaviour of the Gallean system of Jupiter], Université de Namur (Namur, Belgium).
  3. Philippe RUKIMBIRA (b. 07.05.1960) (Male)
    1991 (Ph.D.) Some Properties of Almost Contact Flows, Pennsylvania State University (University Park, Pennsylvania, USA), Advisor: Augustin Banyaga.
  4. Jean-Baptiste GATSINZI (b. 24.05.1963) (Male)
    1993 (Doctorat) Sur l'espace classifiant les fibrations de fibre donnée (Homotopy type of classifying spaces), Université Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium); Advisor: Yves Felix.
  5. Issa KAGABO (b. 1967) (Male)
    1998 (Ph.D.) Contribution à la résolution du problème de transport continu [Contribution to the solution of the continuous transport problem], Université de Montréal (Montréal, Canada); Advisor: Serge Dubuc.
  6. René-Michel SHUMBUSHO (Male)
    2004 (Ph.D.) Elliptic Curves with Prime Conductor and a Conjecture of Cremona, University of Georgia (Athens GA, USA); Advisor: Dino Lorenzini.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Jean-Pierre LUHANDJULA


  1. Souleymane NIANG (b. 12.1929) (Male)
    1964 Doctorat d'état Université de Toulouse (Toulouse, France);
  2. Galaye DIA (Male)
    1977 Doctorat 3ème cycle Closed convex bounded valued integrals, Université de Dakar (Dakar, Senegal); Advisor: Doudou Sakhir Thiam.
    1986 Doctorat d'état titre en Français [Order Statistics on the point Process. Estimation of the regression], Université Paris VI - Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France); Advisor: Jean Geffroy.
  3. MAD Oumar DIOUME
    1978 Doctorate in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) Paris, France;
    1992) Ph.D. Applied Industrial Engineering Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal (Canada).
  4. MAD Mary Teuw NIANE (b. 15.07.1954) (Male)
    1984 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Approximation polyédrale d'une fonction convexe SCI et Application à l'optimisation vectorielle [Polyhedral approximation of a convex function SCI and application to vector optimisation], Université Cheik Anta Diop (Dakar, Senegal); Advisor: Doudou Sakhir Thiam.
    1990 (Doctorat unique) Régularité et contrôlabilité exacte de l'équation des plaques vibrantes dans un domaine polygonal [Regularity and exact controllability of the equation of vibrating sheets in a polygonal domain], Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (Nice, France); Advisor: Pierre Grisvard.
    1990 (Doctorat d'état) Régularité, contrôlabilité exacte et contrôlabilité spectrale de l'équation des ondes et de l'équation des plaques vibrantes [Regularity, exact controllability and spectral controllability of the wave equation and the equation of vibrating sheets], Université Cheik Anta Diop (Dakar, Senegal); Advisor: Pierre Grisvard.
  5. MAD Gane Samb LO (Male)
    1986 (Doctorat unique) On some estimators of the index of the Paretolaw and limit theorems for extreme value sums, Université Paris VI ­ Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France); Advisor: Paul Deheuvels.
    1991 (Doctorat d'état) Caractérisation empirique, des extrèmes et questions statistiques liées [Empirical characterisation, extremes and related statistical questions], Université C. A. Diop (Dakar, Senegal); Advisor: Paul Deheuvels.
  6. MAD Malick Ndiaye
    Ph.D. (1986), Tours-Orleans(France) Mathematical Analysis and Applications;
    thesis: Advisor: Professor Hector Giacomini.
  7. MAD Abdoulaye Elimane KANE (b. 1943) (Male)
    1987 (Doctorat d'état) Les systèmes de numération parlée des groupes ouest-atlantiques et Mandé. Contribution à la recherche sur les fondements et l'histoire de la pensée logique et mathématique en Afrique de l'Ouest [The spoken numeration systems of the West-Atlantic groups and the Mande. Contribution to the research on the foundations and the history of logical and mathematical thought in West Africa], Université de Lille III (Lille, France).
  8. Aboubakary DIAKHABY (Male)
    1992 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Estimation de la densité et de la régression dans les processus ponctuels chromatiques [Estimation of the density and the regression in chromatic punctual processes], Université C. A. Diop (Dakar, Senegal); Advisor: Galaye Dia.
  9. Kalifa BODIAN (Male)
    1994 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Observabilité spectrale approchée de l'équation des ondes [Approached spectral observability of the wave equation], Université Gaston Berger (Saint-Louis, Senegal); Advisor: Mary Teuw Niane.
  10. Aliou DIOP (Male)
    1995 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Estimation de la queue d'une fonction de répartition, Approximation dans le domaine extrémal et Application au calcul de Probabilités extrémales [Estimation of the tail of a repartition fuction, approximation in the extremal domain and application to the calculation of extremal probabilities], Université Gaston Berger (Saint-Louis, Senegal); Advisor: Gane Samb Lo.
    2004 (Doctorat d'état) Comportement extrémal de processus non linéaires [Extremal behaviour of non-linear processes], Université Gaston Berger (Saint-Louis, Senegal); Advisors: Gane Samb Lo & Dominique Guégan.
  11. Aissa WADE (b. 1967) (Female) .
    1996 (Doctorat unique) Normalisation de structures de Poisson [Normalisation of Poisson structures], Université de Montpellier 2 (Montpellier, France); Advisor: Jean-Paul Dufour.
  12. Oumar Demba MBODJ (Male)
    1997 (Doctorat unique) Codes cycliques et Sommes de Gauss [Cyclic codes and Gauss sums], Université de Toulon et du Var (Toulon, France); Advisor: Jacques Wolfmann.
  13. Abdou SÈNE (Male)
    1999 (Doctorat unique) Analyse Asymptotique des plaques piezo-électriques et contrôlabilité exacte [Assymptotic analysis of piezo-electric sheets and exact controllability], Université de Grenoble 1 - Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France); Advisors: Annie Raoult & Mary Teuw Niane.
  14. Mamadou SY (Male)
    2003 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Paramétrisation en mécanique des fluides : analyses mathématiques de quelques modèles [Parameterisation in fluid mechanics: mathematical analysis of some models], Université Gaston Berger (Saint-Louis, Senegal); Advisors: Didier Bresch & Mary Teuw Niane.
  15. Mamadou Abdoul DIOP (Male)
    2003 (Doctorat unique) Equations aux dérivées partielles stochastiques et homogénéisation [Equations with stochastic partial derivatives and homogenisation], Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille, France); Advisor: Etienne Pardoux.
  16. Ngalla DJITTÉ (Male)
    2004 (Doctorat Unique) Systèmes Différentiels extérieurs et Applications aux problèmes inverses [Exterior differential systems and applications to inverse problems], Université Paris IX Dauphine (Paris, France); Advisors: Ivar Ekland & Mary Teuw Niane.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Cherif BADJI, Hamet SEYDI,

Sierra Leone

  1. Lennox Samuel Onipede LIVERPOOL (b. 24.06.1946) (Male)
    1971 (Ph.D.) Analytic Functions and Iteration Theory, Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London (London, England, UK); Advisor: Irving Noel Baker.
  2. Abimbola Sylvester YOUNG (b. 22.08.1947) (Male)
    1974 (Ph.D.) Prediction analysis with some types of regression functions, University of London (London, UK); Advisor: Dennis V. Lindley
  3. MAD Tanniemola Blackett LIVERPOOL (b. April 20, 1971)
    Ph.D. (1995) University of Cambridge; thesis: A Stochastic Approach to Decribing Geological Systems; Advisor: Sir S. F. Edwards

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:

South Africa

  1. Ismael Jacob MOHAMED (b. 1930) (Male)
    1961 (Ph.D.) On Series of Subgroups Related to Groups of Automorphisms, University of London (London, UK).
  2. Batmanathan Dayanand REDDY (b. 1953) (Male)
    1977 (Ph.D.) The Elastic and Plastic Buckling of Circular Cylinders in Bending, Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK); Advisor: C. R. Calladine, FRS.
  3. Nigel Tempest BISHOP (b. 11.09.1951) (Male)
    1977 (Ph.D.) A trip through gravitation theory, University of Southampton (Southampton, U.K.); Advisor: P. T. Landsberg.
  4. Anna Francina HARDING (nee MEIRING) (b. 21.2.1952) (Female)
    1981 (D.Sc.) Numerical Studies of Reaction-Diffusion in Physiological Processes. University of Pretoria (Pretoria, South Africa); Advisors: J. A. Snyman (Pretoria) & R. Mitchell (Dundee, Scotland).
  5. Barbara SWART (b. 13.2.1956) (Female) .
    1983 (Ph.D.) Numerical solution of hyperbolic partial differential equations, University of Pretoria (Pretoria, South Africa); Advisor: Tunc Geveci.
  6. Norma C. Presmeg (Female) .
    1985 (Ph.D.) The Role of Visually Mediated Processes in High School Mathematics: A Classroom Investigation, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK); Advisor: Alan Bishop.
  7. Jan PERSENS (b. 1946) (Male)
    1986 (Ph.D.) On Stabilizing ill-posed Problems for Partial Differential Equations under Perturbations of the Geometry of the Domain, Cornell University (Ithaca NY, USA); Advisor: Lawrence E. Payne.
  8. MAD Dominic P. CLEMENCE
    Ph.D. (1988)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  9. John David VOLMINK (Male)
    1988 (Ph.D.) Acquisition of Concepts and Constructions of Meaning in Geometry, Cornell University (Ithaca NY, USA); Advisor: David Henderson.
  10. Richard Llewellyn FRAY (b. 04.04.1951) (Male)
    1989 (Ph.D.) Group near-rings, University of Stellenbosch (Stellenbosch, South Africa); Advisor: A. P. J. van der Walt.
  11. Sentsho Philip MASHIKE (b. 1939) (Male)
    1990 (D.Phil.) Morse - Sturm Theory for systems of fourth-order singular differential equations, University of South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa); Advisor: H. S. P. Grasser.
  12. Stuart Donald WALLACE (b. 1939) (Male)
    1990 (Ph.D.) The development of a multilevel problem-solving programme in mathematics for the primary school, University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa); Advisors: Robert Muir & Norma Presmeg.
  13. Michael David DE VILLIERS (b. 06.08.1956) (Male)
    1990 (D.Ed.) Leerlinge se betekenisgewing aan bewysvoering en verwante wiskundige prosesse [Students' construction of meaning for proof and related mathematical processes], University of Stellenbosch (Stellenbosch, South Africa); Advisor: Piet Human
  14. MAD Sizwe Gladwell MABIZELA (b: October 1962)
    1991 Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University; thesis: Parametric Approximation; Advisor: Frank Deutsch
  15. MAD Joseph APALOO (Male)
    1994 PhD University of Montana; thesis: A Mathematical Theory of Evolution of Ecological Communities; Advisor: Robert McKelvey
  16. David Roy TAYLOR (b. 04.03.1966) (Male)
    1994 (Ph.D.) Symmetries and Dynamics of Relativistic Gases and Fluids, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Roy Maartens
  17. Jillian Beryl ADLER (nee Smidt) (b. 31.01.1951) (Female) .
    1996 (Ph.D.) Secondary School Teachers' Knowledge of the Dynamics of Teaching and Learning mathematics in Multilingual Classrooms, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa).
  18. Sudan HANSRAJ (b. 21.09.1965) (Male)
    1999 (Ph.D.) Exact Solutions and Conformal Transformations in General Relativity, University of Natal (Durban, South Africa); Advisor: Sunil Maharaj.
  19. Renuka VITHAL (Female) .
    2000 (Ph.D.) In Search of a Pedagogy of Conflict and Dialogue for Mathematics Education, Aalborg University (Aalborg, Denmark); Advisor: Ole Skovmose.
  20. Meria HOCKMAN (b. 1950) (Female) .
    2001 (Ph.D.) The development of levels of awareness of senior mathematics students through direct engagement with the mathematical subject and pedagogical matter, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Paul Laridon.
  21. Mogege David MOSIMEGE (b. 28.01.1961) (Male)
    2001 (Ph.D.) The potential of the use of cultural specific games in school mathematics, University of the Western Cape (Bellville, South Africa); Advisor: Cyril Julie.
  22. MAD Iris Gugu MOCHE (Female)
    2002 (Ph.D.) The Natural Map of beta (omega x omega) into beta (omega) x beta(omega) is 'Very Badly' Not an Isomorphism on the Smallest Ideal, Howard University (Washington DC, USA); Advisor: Neil Hindman.
  23. Mellony GRAVEN (b. 26.06.1968) (Female) .
    2002 (Ph.D.) An investigation of teachers learning to become professionalized mathematics teachers: The centrality of confidence, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Jill Adler.
  24. David MOGARI (b. 1965) (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) An ethnomathematical approach to the teaching and learning of some geometrical concepts, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Paul Laridon.
  25. Mamokgethi SETATI (b. 01.11.1966) (Female) .
    2002 (Ph.D.) Language practices in intermediate multilingual mathematics classroom, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Jill Adler.
  26. Mathume Enoka BOPAPE (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) Mathematics school based in-service training (SBINSET): A study of factors contributing towards success or failure of SBINSET in the South African schools context, Aalborg University (Aalborg, Denmark); Advisor: Ole Skovmose.
  27. Margot BERGER (b. 1953) (Female) .
    2003 (Ph.D.) Ways of thinking: A study of students studying a first-year mathematics course at the University of the Witwatersrand, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisor: Jill Adler.
  28. Larry KANNEMEYER (b. 1956) (Male)
    2003 (Ph.D.) The Development of a Reference Framework for Measuring Students' Understanding in a First Year Calculus Class, University of the Western Cape (Cape Town, South Africa); Advisors: Tyrgve Breiteig, Jan Persens & Ole Einar Torkildsen.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Matthew ADIGUN, MAD Themba DUBE,


  1. Mohamed El Amin Ahmed EL TOM (b. 02.10.1941) (Male)
    1969 (D. Phil.) Numerical Approximation of Functions of One or More Variables, Oxford University (Oxford, England); Advisor: David Handscomb.
  2. Mohamed O. EL-DOMA (b. 01.01.1956) (Male)
    1986 (Ph.D.) Analysis of nonlinear integro-differential equations arising in age-dependent epidemic models, Claremont Graduate School (Claremont, California, U.S.A.); Advisor: Stavros N. Busenberg.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Melusi KHUMALO (Male)
    1998 (Ph.D.) Dynamics of Numerics of Linearized Collocation Methods, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada); Advisor: E. Andrew Foster.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Ali Seif A. MSHIMBA (b. 31.01.1948) (Male)
    1979 (Dr.rer.nat.) Konstruktion von Lösungen nichtlinearer elliptischer Differential-gleichungssysteme erster Ordnung in der Ebene durch komplexe Methoden im Sobolev - Raum W sub {1,p} (G) (insbesondere Lösung des Dirichlet - Randwertproblems mit Randwerten aus dem Slobodeckij - Raum W sub {s,p} (L), s = 1 - 1/p) [Construction of Solutions of Nonlinear Systems of Elliptic Differential Equations of First Order in the Plane Using Complex Methods in the Sobolev Space W sub{1,p} (G) ( in Particular the Solution of the Dirichlet Boundary Value Problem with Boundary Values from the Slobodeckij Space W sub {s, p}(L), s = 1 - 1/p )], Martin Luther University (Halle - Wittenberg, Germany); Advisor: Wolfgang Tutschke.
  2. Luckson Muganyizi KAINO (b. 26.03.56) (Male)
    1994 (Dr.rer.nat.) Curriculum and Modelling in numerical analysis at high school and undergraduate levels, University of Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria); Advisor: Karl Parisot.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Pascal Kossivi ADJAMAGBO (b. 1956) (Male)
    1981 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Déterminant non-communicatif et systèmes differentiels [Skew determinant and differential systems], Université de Paris 6 (Paris, France); Advisor: Jean Vaillant.
    1991 (Doctorat d'état) Fondements de la théorie des déterminants sur un domaine de Ore [Fundaments of the theory of determinants on an Ore domain], Université de Paris 6 (Paris, France); Advisor: Jean Vaillant.
  2. Kokou Yano L. D. ABALO (b. 28.09.1955) (Male)
    1994 (Ph.D.) Berge and Nash Games: Existence Theorems and Applications, Clemson University (USA); Advisor: Michael M. Kostreva
  3. Kinvi KANGNI (b. 24.07.1958) (Male)
    1994 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Transformation et Représentation Sphériques de type S [Spherical transformation and representation of type S], Université de Cocody (Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire); Advisor: Saliou Touré.
    2000 (Doctorat d'état) Distribution et Transformation de Fourier Sphériques de type S [Spherical distribution and Fourier transformation of type S], Université de Cocody (Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire); Advisor: Saliou Touré.
  4. Kokou DOSSOU (b. 1966) (Male)
    2000 (Ph.D.) Résolution numérique des équations de Von Kármán [Numerical solution of Von Kármán equations], Université Laval (Québec, Canada); Advisor: Roger Pierre.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:


  1. Mohamed SOUISSI (b. 1915) (Male)
    1969 (Doctorat d'état) La langue des mathématiques en arabe [Arabic mathematical language], Université de la Sorbonne (Paris, France); Advisor: Charles Pellat.
  2. Mahdi ABDELJAOUAD (b. 1942) (Male)
    1970 (Ph.D.) On automorphisms and derivations of algebras [A propos des automorphismes et des derivations des algebras], University of Washington (Seattle, USA); Advisor: James Jans.
  3. Noureddine SASSI (b. 1944) (Male)
    1993 (Doctorat d'état) Représentation de l'autre et de soi par rapport à la langue maternelle et aux mathématiques dans le premier cycle de l'enseignement secondaire tunisien [Representation of the other and of the self in relationship to the mother tongue and mathematics in the first level of the Tunisian secondary school], Université de Nantes (Nantes, France).
  4. Hanène HATTAB ABROUGUI (b. 1969) (Female) .
    1998 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) La démonstration en géométrie dans l'enseignement secondaire tunisien : exigences d'enseignants et difficultés d'élèves de 4ème relativement à un problème de démonstration [Proof in geometry in the Tunisian secondary school: teachers' demands and and 4th grade pupils difficulties concerning a type of proof], Université de Grenoble 1 (Grenoble, France); Advisor: Colette Laborde.
  5. Mondher TANGOUR (b. 1956) (Male)
    1999 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Analyse des acquisitions des élèves en mathématiques et en sciences en première année de collège tunisien [Analysis of the acquisitions in mathematics and science by the pupils of the first year of the Tunisian high school], Université de Bourgogne (Bourgogne, France); Advisor: Jean-Pierre Jarousse.
  6. Ridha SFAXI (b. 17.03.1967) (Male)
    2001 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Les suites de polynômes diagonales par rapport à x-c [Diagonal polynomial sequences with respect to x-c], Faculté des sciences de Sfax (Sfax, Tunisia), Advisors: Pascal Maroni & Jilani Alaya.
  7. Mohamed Habib MARSIT (Male)
    2001 (Doctorat d'état) Approche psychocognitive diagnostique des difficultés d'apprentissage des mathématiques [Diagnostic psycho-cognitive approach to learning difficulties in mathematics], Université de Tunis (Tunis, Tunisia); Advisor: Noureddine Sassi.
  8. Essahbi EL AMRI (Male)
    2001 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Implicite et évidence dans l'enseignement et l'apprentissage de la démonstration en géométrie euclidienne plane au collège [Implicit and evidence in the teaching and learning of the proof in Euclidian plane geometry in high school], Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I (Lyon, France); Advisor: Claude Tisseron.
  9. Marouane BEN MILED (b. 1965) (Male)
    2003 (Doctorat) Les commentaires arabes au Livre X des Eléments d'Euclide, jusqu'au XIIe siècle [Arabic commentaries on Book X of Euclid's Elements, up to the XIIth century], Université Paris 7 ­ Denis Diderot (Paris, France); Advisor: Roshdi Rashed.
  10. Faïza CHELLOUGUI (b. 1965) (Female) .
    2004 (Doctorat) L'utilisation des quantificateurs universel et existentiel en première année universitaire, entre l'explicite et l'implicite [Using universal and existential quantifications in first year university, switching between explicit and implicit usages], co-tutelle: Université de Tunis (Tunis, Tunisia) & Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I (Lyon, France); Advisors: Mahdi Abdeljaouad & Claude Tisseron.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:





3. Examples of African Mathematical Pioneers in the 20th Century

(reproduction of Appendix 7 of: Gerdes, Paulus & Djebbar, Ahmed: Mathematics in African History and Culture: An Annotated Bibliography, African Mathematican Union, Cape Town, 2004, pp. 225-226)

Mohamed Akkar (Morocco)
Daniel Afedzi Akyeampong (Ph.D. 1966) (Ghana)
Morris Sika Alale (d. 1995) (Kenya)
Francis Kofi Ampenyia Allotey (b. 1931) (Ph.D. 1966) (Ghana) *
Mohamed Amara (Tunisia)
Attia Abdel Salam Ashour (b. 1924) (Egypt)
Augustin Banyaga (b. 1947) (Ph.D. 1976) (Rwanda) *
Benali Benzaghou (Ph.D. 1969) (Algeria) *
Mohammed Tidjani Boudjelkah (Ph.D. 1970) (Algeria)
Mohamed Djeddour (Ph.D. 1970) (Algeria)
Heneri Amos Murima Dzinotyiweyi (b. 1950) (Ph.D. 1979) (Zimbabwe)
Mohamed E. A. El Tom (b. 1941) (Ph.D. 1969) (Sudan) *
Philip Emeagwali (b. 1954) (Nigeria)
George Eshiwani (Ph.D. 1974) (Kenya)
James Okoye Chukuka Ezeilo (Nigeria)
Jean-Pierre Ezin (b. 1944) (Ph.D. 1981) (Benin) *
Caleb Gattegno (1911-1988) (Egypt)
Khélifa Harzallah (Tunisia)
Mohamed H. A. Hassan (Sudan)
Henri Hogbe-Nlend (Cameroon) *
Ahmed Jebli (Morocco)
Désiré Karangwa (b. 1952) (Ph.D. 1988) (Rwanda)
Idriss Khalil (Morocco) *
Akry Koulibaly (Ph.D. 1984) (Burkina Faso) *
Aderemi Oluyomi Kuku (Ph.D. 1971) (Nigeria)
Edward Lungu (b. 1950) (Ph.D. 1980) (Zambia)
Verdiana G. Masanja (Tanzania) ***
Ralph W. P. Masenge (Ph.D. 1988) (Tanzania)
Leila Moalla (Tunisia) ***
Ismael Jacob Mohamed (b. 1930) (Ph.D. 1960) (South Africa) **
Geoffrey Raphael Vehaeli Mmari (Tanzania) *
Moshe Molelekoa (Ph.D. 1982) *
Paul Mugambi (Uganda) *
Benjamin Mweene (Ph.D. 1970) (Zambia) *
John Nguthu Mutio (Kenya)
Souleymane Niang (b. 1929) (Senegal)
Georges Edward Njock (b. 1940) (Cameroon)
Loyiso Nongxa (b. 1954) (Ph.D. 1982) (South Africa)
Joachim Nzotungicimpaye (Ph.D. 1986) (Burundi)
Chike Obi (Ph.D. 1950) (Nigeria)
Wandera Ogana (b. 1946) (Ph.D. 1975) (Kenya)
Adegoke Olubummo (Ph.D. 1955) (Nigeria)
Jan Persens (Ph.D. 1986) (South Africa)
Patrick Phiri (Zambia)
Batmanathan Dayanand Reddy (b. 1953) (Ph.D. 1977) (South Africa)
George Saitoti (Ph. D. 1971) (Kenya) *
Daouda Sangaré (Mali)
Hamet Seydi (Senegal)
Juma Shabani (Burundi)
Saliou Touré (Côte d'Ivoire)
Grace Alele Williams (Nigeria) ***
Mohamed Zitouni (Ph.D. 1973) (Algeria)

* First Ph.D. in mathematical sciences of the respective country
** First black South African to have obtained a Ph.D. in mathematics.
*** First female Ph.D. in mathematical sciences of the respective country

copyright: African Mathematics Union