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Mathematicians from Zimbabwe?

  1. Heneri Amos Murima DZINOTYIWEYI (b. 15.03.1950) (Male)
    1978 (Ph.D.) Equi-regular Measures and Measures continuous under Translation on Topological Semigroups, University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK); Advisor: Alan T. Paterson.
  2. David Kufakwami Jani MTETWA (b. 1953) (Male)
    1991 (Ph.D.) An investigation of Zimbabwean secondary school students' mathematical beliefs and classroom contexts, University of Virginia, (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA); Advisor: Joseph Garofalo.
  3. Temba SSHONHIWA (b. 25.5.1958) (Male)
    1996 (Ph.D.) Investigations of Number Theoretic Functions, West Virginia University (Morgantown, Virginia, USA); Advisor: Henry W. Gould.
  4. Precious SIBANDA (b. 03.07.1967) (Male)
    1996 University of Manchester (Manchester, UK)

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Gift Muchatibaya; Martin Mugochi; Ozias Ncube;


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