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Zambia Mathematicians

  1. Patrick Azele PHIRI (b. 25.11.1951) (Male)
    1979 (Ph.D.) Equilibrium points and control problems in dynamic urban modelling, University of Leeds (Leeds, England, UK); Advisors: F. A. Goldworthy, A. G. Wilson & J. Rubio.
  2. Chiteng'a John CHIKUNJI (b. 14.1.1962) (Male)
    1996 (Ph.D.) On the classification of finite rings, University of Reading (Reading, England, U.K.); Advisor: Basil Corbas.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:



The web page of the Mathematics Department of the University of Zambia shows:

Chikunji J. C, Ph.D. (Reading) B.Sc., M.Sc.
Theo D, M.Sc, Ph.D (Wales) B.Sc
Kunda W, M.Sc (Aston) Ph.D (Hull) B.Sc
Ngwengwe A M, M.Sc. (MIT) Ph.D (Cornell) B.Sc.


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