Mathematics Today in Botswana


  1. Paul CHAKALISA (b. 04.04.1958) (Male)
    1994 (Ph.D.) Relationships of student gender, teacher experience and setting to students achievement and attitudes toward mathematics in Botswana junior secondary schools, Ohio University (Athens, Ohio, USA.); Advisor: Bonnie Beach.
  2. Basinyi CHIMIDZA Ph.D. 1995
  3. Dumma C. MAPOLELO (Male)
    1995 (Ph.D.) Botswana Preservice Primary Teachers' Beliefs About and Attitudes Toward Mathematics, University of Georgia (Athens GA, USA); Advisor: Jim Wilson.
  4. Kgomotso Gertrude GAREGAE (b. 28.8.1962) (Female)
    2002 (Ph.D.) Teachers' beliefs about mathematics, its teaching and learning and the communication of these beliefs to students: A case study in Botswana, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada); Advisor: Lars Jannson.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown:

Indigenous mathematics research activities in Botswana?

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