Mathematics Today in Ethiopia


  1. Kenzu ABDELLA 1994 Ph.D.
  2. Semere ARAI 1986 Ph.D
  3. Shiferaw BERHANU 1987 Ph.D.
  4. Dawit GETACHEW 1987 Ph.D.
  5. Abdulcadir ISSA 1988 Ph.D.
  6. Halima ALI 1993 Ph.D.
  7. Kbenesh W. BLAYNEH 1996 Ph.D.
  8. Selemon GETACHEW 2000 Ph.D.
  9. Mohammed TESEMMA (b. 06.03.1972) (Male)
    2004 Ph.D. Reflection groups and semigroup algebras in multiplicative invariant theory, Temple University (Philadelphia PA, USA); Advisor: Martin Lorenz.


Ph.D. year, thesis, and advsior unknown: Yohannes TRUNEH;

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