Mathematics Today in Algeria

Indigenous mathematics research activities in Algeria?

Currently, we have no web page for a university mathematic department.

Here is a list of all the mathematical scientists we know from Algeria:


  1. Chikh BOUZAR (b. 07.08.1957) (Male)
    1986 (Ph.D.) Local solvability of pseudo differential equations of constant strength (in Russian), Belorussian State University (Minsk, Belorussia); Advisor: A. A. Kuleshov.
  2. Abdelhamid LAOUAR (b. 1958) (Male)
    1987 (Doctorat) Numerical Analysis of iterative methods of fixed point: Acceleration of convergence, arrounded error and subdomain, Université de Franche Comte (Besancon, France); Advisor: J. C. Miellou.
  3. Abdelhamid MEZIANI (b. 14.11.1957) (Male)
    1988 (Ph.D.) On the integrability of singular differential forms in two complex variable, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA); Advisor: Francois Treves.


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