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Indigenous mathematics research activities in Mozambiqu?

Currently, we have no web page for a uniersity mathematics department.

Here is a list of all the mathematical scientists we in Mozambique:

  1. Paulus GERDES (b. 11.11.1952) (Male)
    1986 (Dr.phil.) Zum erwachenden geometrischen Denken [On the awakening of geometrical thinking], PH Dresden (Dresden, Germany); Advisor: Heiner Meyer.
    1996 (Dr.rer.nat.habil.) Sona Geometrie ­ Reflektionen über eine Sandzeichen-tradition im südlichen Zentralafrika [Sona Geometry ­ Reflections on a Sand Drawing Tradition in Southern Central Africa], Wuppertal University (Wuppertal, Germany).
  2. Manuel Joaquim ALVES (b. 30.6.1963) (Male)
    1999 (Ph.D.) Singular Functional Differential Equations of Second Order (in Russian), Perm State Technical University (Perm, Russia); Advisor: Nikolay Azbelev.
  3. João Sebastião Paulo MUNEMBE (b. 22.06.1962) (Male)
    2000 (Ph.D.) Constructive Study of Asymptotic Properties of Solutions to Differential Delay Systems with Periodic Parameters (in Russian), Perm State Technical University (Perm, Russia); Advisor: Vladimir Petrovich Maksimov.
  4. Sarifa Abdul MAGIDE-FAGILDE (b. 20.05.1959) (Female)
    2002 (Ph.D.) Towards a characterisation of communication and gender patterns in secondary mathematics classrooms in Mozambique, University of the Western Cape (Bellville, South Africa); Advisors: Cyril Julie (South Africa) & Maria Luiza Cestari (Norway).
  5. Abdulcarimo ISMAEL (b. 01.03.1962) (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) An ethnomathematical study of Tchadji ­ about a Mancala type board game played in Mozambique and possibilities for its use in Mathematics Education, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa); Advisors: Paul Laridon (South Africa) & Paulus Gerdes (Mozambique).
  6. Marcos CHERINDA (b. 26.02.1963) (Male)
    2002 (Ph.D.) The use of a cultural activity in the teaching and learning of mathematics: The exploration of twill weaving in Mozambican classrooms, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa), Advisors: Paul Laridon (South Africa) & Paulus Gerdes (Mozambique).
  7. Bhangy CASSY (b. 17.09.1959) (Male)
    2003 (Ph.D.) Effect of classroom interaction and gender on mathematics performance and attitudes toward mathematics of secondary pupils in Mozambique, University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa), Advisor: Peter Fridjhon.
  8. José João MIGUEL (b. 12.01.1967) (Male)
    2003 (Ph.D.) Mathematical models with after-effect in population dynamics, Agricultural University of Norway (Aas, Norway); Advisors: Arkadi Ponossov & Andrei Shindiapin.
  9. Evaristo Domingos UAILA (b. 23.02.1967) (Male)
    2004 (D.Ed.) Geometria e autonomia: um estudo dos programas, dos discursos dos professores e das práticas curriculares na Cidade da Beira, Moçambique [Geometry and autonomy: a study of programmes, of teachers' discourses and of curricular practices in the city of Beira, Mozambique], Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil); Advisors: Fernando José de Almeida (Brazil) & Rachael E. Thompson (Mozambique).
  10. John Manuel FRANCISCO (b. 22.03.1967) (Male)
    2004 (Ph.D.) Students' reflections on mathematical learning: results from a longitudinal study, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ, USA); Advisor: Carolyn A. Maher.
  11. Jan DRAISMA (b. 09.07.1944) (Male)
    2005 (Ph.D.) Teaching gesture and oral computation in Mozambique: four case studies, Monash University (Clayton, Victoria, Australia); Advisors: Alan Bishop & Barbara Clarke.

Ph.D. year, thesis, or advsior unknown: Felisberto SINGO, Evaristo UAILE, Jan DRAISMA,


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