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Tales of the Sword Coast - Walk Through - manual

*7. Tips in Ulgoth's Beard" - Tip posted By Vincent San Pedro


Ulgoth's Beard - map: Here is your home base. It is usually best, to be "presentable" to your host when returning from a mission. If you go east from Ulgoth's Beard you will be taken to North of Wyrm's Crossing where you can test the expansion of hit point maximums beyond 89,000 to 161,000. Try to Pickpocket every NPC. the wizard gives juicy new spells, the gnome wears a ring of freedom, the dwarf has a hammer I haven't identified. In Ulgoth near the the jetty, you can learn about the tower from Fenrus. You get a task from Hurgan in the Ulgoth Beard Inn, new spells, relensish weapons, and rest. Ike, outside of the Inn will sell you a tour of Durlag's Tower, without which you will never find it. Shandala, in the court yard beyond Ike will teleport you to an Isle in the North.

North of Wyrm's Crossing - map:
Zombie Hunting: Speak to Wenric in front of the house in the area north of Wyrm's Crossing. Explore the area and kill 20 zombies. Return to Wenric for your reward.

Isle in the north - map: This is a great place to earn lots of experience and gold. There are numerous mages on both floors who found their way but can't get off. You possess the only way off and there is someone there who will fight you for it.

Next visit Mendas' house near the Ulgoth's Beard shore and he will send you to the Merchant's Counting House Building in Northeast Baldur's Gate to retrieve some sea charts of Waterdeep(see Ulgoth's Beard for more details), who claims to be a scientist in search for Balduran's ship and an explanation of what ultimately became of him - I just took them by force. Return with charts and Mendas will send you by boat an isle far west in the Trackless Sea.

Island in the Trackless Sea

Here begins the tale of the werewolfweres. In the south you have the village - map. The simple villagers have nothing interesting, although they do own some items in some of the huts. Further there are several immportant quests, a dolly and a baby. After these, go meet Kaishas in the middle of town and he'll ask you to clear the "horrible beasts". Agree to do so and speak with the woman next to the hut, who'll ask you to find her son. Accept and talk to Delainy, at the left of the main hut. Tell her you'll find the cloak she's looking for.

Go north - map. Explore the map a little and you'll meet Palin (who has the baby), who'll ask you to fight against the beasts. He'll lead you into a trap, full with wolfweres. Kill them and continue northeast until you find a woman named Kryla. She screams for help and leads you into yet another trap. Kill the wolfwere and enter the house at the right. Inside, you'll find the insane mage Dradeel. He tells you his story and asks you to retrieve his spell book, so he can be free from the place. If you're desperate for a Robe of the Neutral Arch-Magi, you can kill him, he's wearing one. Enter the ship north of the house and kill all the wolves and wolfweres. You want the fourth floor. In one of the chests, you'll find Dradeel's spell book. On the final floor, you'll meet Karoug and his greater wolfweres. Kill him and his friends. Take all the items and go back to Dradeel. Give him the spell book and he'll teleport himself away. Explore the whole map for more XP and on the western part, you'll meet another "hunter". Talk to him several times and he'll transform into a wolfwere. Kill him, get his stuff and go back to the village.

Give the baby back to Maralee and the doll to Farthing (right of the village's walls, next to the plantation). Finally, talk with Kaishas and she'll explain the whole truth. You have been killing werewolves, but the village houses wolfweres - wolves that can change into human. Now go to the other stockade, but first decide whether you need a lot of experience (everyone went up a level if they could). If so then try to defeat the sparning Farthing - I used stinkcloud, fireball, and arrow of detonation and summoned skeletons. Killing tons of the guys before I gave up.

Go to the other stockade and speak to Delainy. If you've been nice to her, she'll lead you to a secret passage - in a corner in the building. The cave - map - is full with werewolves, and it's not too hard. Get out of the cave and go reach the ship and talk with Kaishas again. Kill her and take the sea charts. Set sail for Ulgoth's Beard and you'll be on the docks. Baresh will speak with you, telling his master Mendas is very displeased with you.

NEXT GO TO Durlag's Tower

Final Ulgoth's Beard quest

No doubt by now you've learned from Hurgan about the cult who took your knife after your return from Durlag's Tower. Head to the storehouse and talk to the Cult Guard immediately outside the door. Provoke him and several cult members will attack. Kill and enter the storehouse. A Cult Wizard will hail you then his group will attack. Kill them. Again watch out for the deadly assassins. Prepare you party with enchantments such as Bless, Chant, Defensive Harmony and Remove Fear (I only used Protection from Evil, Haste, my thief's arrows of dispelling, and a readied dispelling scroll). Enter the demon's chamber. Tracea Carol will hail you. Hit her with arrows of dispelling. She will summon Aec'Letec and then her group will attack. With the other four of troup kill Carol and all six of her followers. Except hit Ael'Lectec with arrows of dispelling and occupy him with summoned monsters. If you kill Aec'Letec before having killed all his followers he will take over one of their bodies and continue fighting. Ensure you dispell any Death Gazes placed on your party members otherwise they will transform into Ghasts and attack you! Return to Hurgan and ask for your reward.

Final Quest

If you have been following the walkthrough's suggested route then your next destination is the Thieves' Maze.