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Chapter SIX-Back to Candlekeep

Take advantage of Candlekeep's excellent library - you won't have to return checked-out scrolls

The carefree days of childhood are the finest of your life. Viewed through the hazy recollection of proffered sweets and smiling faces, even the dingiest of hovels becomes a remembered mansion, and the toughest of years, a source of fond nostalgia. In time, the yearning for childhood friends and familiar haunts becomes an obsession in us all-drowning out the voices of maturity and the dreams we have built for our future. And so a grown man might travel a hundred leagues, or a thousand, hoping to recapture the spirit of days long past.
But time, as any of my brethren will tell you, is the greatest bard of all. Each time you recount the stories of your youth, whether aloud to friends or deep in the silence of your own private soul, they become better and more endearing. All bards tailor their yarns to the desires of the audience, and no listener is more rapt and expectant than the homesick heart of man. So, sadly, those who return to the glorious kingdoms of their memory will often find disappointment in the place of rediscovery.

Chapter 6: Return to Candlekeep

You begin this chapter in front of Candlekeep. Give the book you received from Duke Eltan to the guard and you will enter Candlekeep.

In the priest's quarters, the Priest of Oghma: He is surrounded by some cats and is even studying a dead one! If you push him on his motives he gets angry and reveals his true nature: a doppleganger, the first of many you'll meet before you leave Candlekeep. There are new items to find and borrow all over the c'keep, plenty spells so look. If you need to rest before entering the library, the inn is a good place.

Enter the library in the center of the keep, the suggestion is after you look in all the stacks go up to the sixth floor and make your way down, especially to Gorion's room on floor five (will tell you about your real father). If the monks catch you stealing from the many full desks and chests, you will go straight to jail. If you kill the four Iron Throne guys (you can talk to them but you shouldn't attack them because you have no concrete proof of their wrong-doing and they are in sancuary in the library. For this same reason they will not attack you either unless you provoke them.) on floor three you will go to jail. If you just speak with Koveras (note the similarity to your enemy Sarevok) on floor two, you will go to jail. In all case, you will be charged with murder of the four Iron Throne guys (Sarevok will do it if you don't), and made to go to Baldur's gate for trial - you can't fight your way out of it. Nor can you get to the next level of the game without going to jail.

When you wind up in the catacombs, you'll need your spells. There are more spells there, and you'll never return to Candlekeep.

Search it for the following scrolls: Chromatic Orb, Confusion, Dimension Door, Agannazar's Scorcher, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Minor Globe of Invulnerability and Monster Summoning II. Note that you won't be able to come back in Candlekeep after this point.

Catacomb 1


Catacomb 2


Catacomb 3


Getting extra money:

Got this stuff from the internet for my kids. Don't know the source or anymore - it seems to be gone.

During play press Crtl+Tab and a window will pop up. Hit enter and you get 500GP.