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Walk Through: Chapter 2

Carnival : Nashkel : Nashkel mines area : Nashkel mines

NASHKEL map: You should now head off to the west into Nashkel itself. Nashkel provides a few items of entertainment for you at this point. If you go into the Inn to rest, be prepared. Another assassin, by far the toughest yet, will attack you. If you can kill her you will net 650 xp and a helm of infravision.
Once you've sold anything you need to and re-equipped at the merchant next to the inn, head southeast infront of the temple where Oublek waits. He will mistake you for another person. You can swindle him for 200 gp if you are really desperate or tell him he is mistaken and have your reputation increase by 1.

The temple priest asks you to bring him Commander Brage so that Helm sees to his restitution. This is the good way of ending Brage's quest and gives you 1000 Exp., 1000 gp, +1 Reputation and Brage's items. Brage ia far west of Nashkel in the area next to the sea and north of the river.

You can also buy at the Temple a scroll of Stone to Flesh in order to turn back to flesh Branwen, the imprisoned blonde cleric at the Carnival (the scroll costs about 150 gp. here, compared to the 500 gp. Zeke is asking at the Carnival). Finally, if you are particularly evil you can kill the priest for 1095 gp., a Plate Mail, a Mace +1 and 1400 XP, but who knows what trouble that will cause later..

Next, talk to Berrun Ghastkill. He will give you a quest to find out what is happening in the Nashkel Mines. This is the main quest of the first part of the game, and after you have discovered that Mulahey was the one responsible for the Kobold infestation of the mine, return to Berrun for 900 gp., 1000 Exp. and +1 Reputation.
Click once on the gravestone just South of the obelisk and a vampire(Daer'Ragh) comes to talk with you. He tells you to never do the same again. If you click on the gravestone 2 more times, Daer'Ragh gets really angry and summons some Phoenix Guards to take care of you. Be careful as the Phoenix Guards explode into a Fireball when killed.
Noober will accost you and pester you with dialog. If you are really annoyed kill the bastard. If you are patient enough and ignore him you will earn 400 xp and he will go away permanently. Thank goodness.
Just along the road from Oublek to the Southeast is Minsc. [Most players say Minsc is one of the best characters in the game, provided that you're willing to lose an item slot to Boo. But I like Kivan just as much and that is why I recommend getting him after Beregost.] Minsc is a Neutral Good Ranger who is, how shall I put it, a bit touched in the head. He is amusing though, and a good fighter, so he may be worth adding to your party in place of the Bard for parties of Good alignment. [Minsc can carry 320lbs to Kivan's 220lb, but Kivan appears to be a better fighter. I used them both until I got to free the wizard at the bottom of the mine.] Minsc wants you to help him save Dynaheir. She is held prisoner at the Gnoll Stronghold, several areas southwest of Nashkel. If you wait too long, Minsc will turn on you.
On the bridge is Edwin, a powerful Lawful Evil Conjurer. Evil parties may wish to accept his "no questions asked" hit contract on a witch, he will join the party if you do. Head to the western side of the map in the plowed field area. On the western field just below a small tree is a set of Ankheg Plate Armor. Should come in pretty handy. Now head south from Nashkel to the Mines. He really wants you to kill Dynaheir. Once you find her, you can either kill her or take her with you, so that Edwin watches over her.
The famous Volothamp Geddarm can be met in the Belching Dragon tavern northwest of the road to the bridge. For the price of an ale and an ear, he accepts to tell you a story about the Nashkel Mines and the iron shortage. A lot of good information is included in his tale, so you might want to read it carefully. You can also ask him to tell you a tale about Commander Brage. The central element of this story is Brage's new sword, an item he got shortly before he became mad. If you are wise, you won't use it when you find it.
 In the house southeast of the road to the bridge, a woman asks you to find her husband, a miner who disappeared several weeks ago. His name is Joseph and he wears a greenstone ring. You can find his body while exploring the mines, on the third level. If you give his wife the ring, you receive gold and lots of XP.
 In a little hole near the pine tree on the west edge of the field on the west side of the river, supposedly you can find an Ankheg Plate Mail and a Pearl (worth 100 gp.). This one is a real spoiler as the Ankheg Plate is a very powerful item to be found so early in the game. But I can't find it.
CARNIVAL map: When you enter the Carnival you will probably be attacked by kobold archers. You should be able to dispatch them hanging ut to the north central, beware there is an ogre there too. Lots of loot from the kobolds. Head south to the carnival area and sell the surplus at the weapons tents. Next, head to the tent of Zardral. When you talk to him, pick the first choice to insult him. He will forget about killing Bentha and attack you. Kill him and then talk to Bentha and ask for magic. [Bentha: If you save her, she explains that Zordal was an old enemy of her family and that he wanted to kill her because of their vendetta. Asking her information about the region leads to her telling you about Volo, who happens to be at the Belching Dragon Tavern in Nashkel. If you ask her some trinkets, she gives you an Antidote.] You should net 900 xp, a mage robe, two scrolls and an antidote potion.
While here, avoid the tent called Vitiare. You'll lose 100 gp to a master thief, with little you can do about it except kill him before he initiates conversation. If you take that road, he carries 150 gp and a potion of master thievery.
If you have only five members in your party you may be interested in talking to Zeke. He offers you a scroll of Stone to Flesh for 500 gp. You can use it on Branwen, a cleric, and then add her to the party.

Carnival merchent tents

  1. furthest north Merchant tent: Basic armors and shields. He also offers an Identify and a Steal section.
  2. left Merchant tent: Necklace of Missiles, Amulet of Protection +1, Shield Amulet, Ring of Infravision and Protection Scrolls. He also has an Identify section.
  3. right Merchant tent : Basic melee weapons. He also has an Identify and Steal section.
  4. furthest east Merchant tent: Basic missile weapons and also some Arrows of Piercing(+4 THACO). He also offers an Identify and a Steal section.
  5. furthest south Merchant tent: This tent is probably the best place of the whole carnival. First, the merchant offers you 2 potions: a Red Potion(INT 25, WIS 3, STR 3, 50% Magic Resistance) and a Violet Potion(STR 25, DEX 3, CON 3) for 50 gp. each. Don't drink them, after a day they stop and lower your strengh (the red potion) and intelligence (the violet potion). The good part is that you can then identify them and sell them to another merchant for 250 and 200 gp. respectively! Then, there are 2 chests in the room. The one on the right side can be opened without the guards being summoned and contains 230 gp., a Potion of Fire Giant Strength and a Potion of Heroism. The one on the left if rather hard to open, so use a Potion of Master Thievery or a Potion of Strength to open it. The guards will be summoned but you can bribe them with 200 gp. This is worth it as the chest contains 208 gp., a Potion of Fire Resistance, a Potion of Invulnerability, a Potion of Invisibility and a Potion of Healing. You can also get out of the tent before the guards arrive. Here's how: Open the chest and immediately pause the game. Grab all the loot inside. Unpause the game and immediately click on the exit.

NASHKEL MINES AREA mines area map: To get to the mines go to the very northwest corner of the map and search the tree stump. Youll find a wand of frost. Next save Prism, the bounty hunter after him is a tough swordsman. If you try, then you'll get 200gp and XP. There are between two and four Winter Wolves wandering in the southern part of the outdoor area. They are worth 225 XP each and their pelts are worth even more than bandit pelts.
The Nashkell Mines inside mine map.
Go southeast to the Nashkel Mines. You'll have to ask Emerson's permission before the mine guards will let you enter (ignore his 24 hour requirement) and speak to the guards blocking the mine entrance and they will let you in. Descend to the fourth level. Beware of the traps on the third level, though. Have a thief detect and disarm them. Defeat the evil cleric Molahey on the forth level. Take his Holy Symbol from his body. Look in the chest in Molahey's room to find two letters from Molahey's superior, Tazok.

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Getting extra money:

Got this stuff from the internet for my kids. Don't know the source or anymore - it seems to be gone.

During play press Crtl+Tab and a window will pop up. Hit enter and you get 500GP.