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Walk Through: Chapter 3

  1. Head out of the Nashkel Mines the way you came in. (you can exit the mines from the lowest level, but it puts you in a pretty bad neighborhood you may not be prepared for). Once out of the mines, head back to Nashkel and talk to Berrun Ghastkill for your reward of 900 gp and 1000 xp.

    As you head toward the Inn to rest you will encounter yet another assassin intent on killing you. Will these idiots never give up? You may wish to wait until the Nashkel guards are near at hand before approaching the Inn, they will help you to dispatch the fellow. In the carnage you will discover magic boots, a ring of infravision, and a short sword+1.

    Head back to Beregost and enter the Jolly Juggler. Officer Vai of the Flaming Fist is offering 50 gp per bandit you can kill. My, that's a nice bounty. These bandits must be causing a lot of trouble. It's time we found out what they were up to, don't you think?

  2. Buffing Up With Experience. Unfortunately, we aren't yet tough enough to tackle the bandit's stronghold, more is the pity. Instead, we need to get more experience while doing some exploring. So, it's time to see what lies north of the Friendly Arm Inn along the road to Baldur's Gate.

    There are many buffing up goals here. So if you need more expereince go to it before you go North of the Friendly Arms Inn.

    North of the Friendly Arms Inn is the tile where we found Ajantis the Paladin. Further along the road to the west and a bit north are three NPCs standing around. If you run into any bandits here, kill them and take their scalps. Note that bandit scalps stack if you need room in inventory! Talk to Sonner. He'll tell you that a witch has been causing the village a lot of trouble. Tell him you will take care of his problem.

    Now, this whole area is infested with Ankheg. They are too tough for us, so we need to avoid them. Fortunately, it isn't hard to do. Head due north from Sonner to the beach behind the trees. It is important to stay on the beach, or you are likely to encounter an Ankheg, much to your regret. Follow it North and exit the tile to the north, to the Bridge.

    The Bridge to Baldur's Gate (Wyrm's Crossing). If you go across it you will find it is closed by order of the Duke. But, you can ignore it for now and head north along the eastern shore until you come to a small house with Tenya standing outside. Talk to her and tell her you are here to stop her vile actions. She will attack you. Attack her and when you first hit her she will talk to you again. Tell her you will help her and STOP the combat. She should be blue to you again. Now, head back to Sonner in the tile to the south retracing your footsteps along the beach. Tell Sonner about what Tenya told you and demand the bowl. He'll give it to you and although the villagers turn red they usually will not attack, there is no need to kill them unless you are annoyed at how they smell. Now head back to Tenya and collect a reward of 2500 xp! A lot easier than killing 300 Kobolds, huh?

  3. High Hedge. OK, time to head back south for easier hunting grounds. Tromp from the Friendly Arms to Beregost and then head west to High Hedge. Walk down the path/road southwest until you hit the keep. You will pass the Ranger Kivan (he's not as strong as Minsc, but fights slightly better, but if you still have Misc now, keep him). Skirt the north side of the keep until you find some skeletons. Kill them and keep one of the heads. Now head south killing any other skeletons, gnolls,spiders, and dogs in your way and exit to the south of the tile into the hills (its actually southwest of Beregost - evil Bassillius from another quest is on the East side of the same area). Once in the hills go east just under the ridgeline so you are following the top of the map more or less. You will come to a wolf and a chicken, kill the wolf and then talk to the chicken. He is actually a polymorphed person! Agree to help him by taking him to his former master. Head back the way you got here to High Hedge and enter the keep. Save your game here and then talk to the mage Thalantyr in the center of the keep. Convince him to help, don't just leave. He'll ask you to get a skull. Conveniently we have one! Save again. Now talk to him and give him the skull. He will cast the Antichickenator spell and either the chicken will be turned back into a man or it will explode. More often than not explosion is the result, so reload and try again if it happens. Once the spell works talk to Mellicamp to get 2000 xp and an increase of 1 to your reputation.

  4. Other Quests for Buffing

    Keldath Ormlyr in the temple in Beregost will offer you a reward if you defeat the evil cleric Bassillus. Go southwest to find Bassillus in a circle of stones. Defeat Bassillus and his undead horde and take his holy symbol.

  5. My suggestion is to go down the west side of the Sword Coast, continuing South or West until you reach the Gnoll Stronghold - there is only one entrance. This way you should be storng enough to handle both the bandits and the cloakwoods after.
  6. Gnoll Stronghold

    Minsc in Nashkel will tell you that he is going to save his charge from the Gnoll Stronghold and will invite you along. Go to the southwest corner of the map to reach the Gnoll Stronghold. Fight your many through many gnolls until you find the powerful wizardress Dynaheir in one of the pits, she will join you if you need that kind of help. In any case, your team needs to be level five before tackling Cloakwood, if the Gnoll Stronghold below is not enough try these (on the way even).

    North of Gnoll Stronghold:
    a. In the southeast corner of the area north of the Gnoll Stronghold, Jared will beg you to fight the mountain bear that's coming after him. Cross the bridge and defeat the mountain bear. Return to Jared and if your charisma is high enough, he will give you some special boots.
    b. Near the west side of the area north of the Gnoll Stronghold above the lake, a paladin named Laurel will invite you to join with her in fighting gibberlings. As soon as you agree, your party will be attacked by many gibberlings. Defeat the gibberlings and speak to Laurel again, who will thank you for your help.

    Gnoll Stronghold: Minsc in Nashkel will tell you that he is going to save his charge from the Gnoll Stronghold and will invite you along. Go to west of Nashkel of the map to reach the Gnoll Stronghold OR try to enter North of Gnoll from the east or north. Fight your many through many gnolls until you find Dynaheir in one of the pits.

  7. More Buffing

    Ulcaster Area

    Ulcaster School

    South of Nashkel

    Southwest of Nashkel

    West of Nashkel

    South of Candlekeep

    North of Friendly Arms

    Larswood and East

    North of Gullykin


    Firewine Bridge

    Firewine Ruins

    East of Carnival

    Northeast of Nashkel

    Northwest of Nashkel


  8. Ulcaster Area: Go up on the plateau. Speak to the ghost of Ulcaster on the west side of the ruins of Ulcaster School.Talk to him several times and he will indicate a desire to get some books back from the ruins. Enter the dungeon in the center of the ruins.
  9. Ulcaster School: Find a book near the center on the dungeon in a pile of potions. Return the book to the ghost of Ulcaster.
  10. South of Nashkel: Speak to the boy near the northeast corner of the area south of Nashkel and agree to find his dog Rufie for him. You will find Rufie in a forested area to the east. As long as you have the chew toy, Rufie will follow you. Return to the boy with Rufie following you and he will thank you
  11. Southwest of Nashkel: You can only enter from the west side of South of Nashkel.
    a. As you near the center of the area southwest of Nashkel, a dryad will approach you and ask for your aid. Follow the dryad to her tree and defeat Caldo and Krumm. Talk to the Dryad again and she will thank you by giving you an Antidote.
    b. Near the waterfall in the area southwest of Nashkel, you will find Drienne, a little girl whose cat fell into the waterfall. Go down to the bottom of the waterfall to find the child's dead cat. Return the cat to the girl and she will give you a magic scroll if your charisma is high enough.
  12. West of Nashkel:
  13. South of Candlekeep: In the wrecked ship on the coast in the area south of Candlekeep you will find a ring. Return the ring to Mad Arcand nearby and he will give you an Oil of Fiery Burning.
  14. North of Friendly Arms: Another quest in addition to the witches bowl - In front of the farmhouse in the area north of the Friendly Arm Inn, Farmer Brun will ask to find out what happened to his son Nathan. Go west and enter the Ankheg Hole. In the northeast corner of the hole, you will find the body of Brun's Son and lots of loot. Return the body to Farmer Brun for 500 experience. Speak to the farmer again and lend him 100 gold for a further 1000 experience.
  15. Larswood - North of Beregost Temple and East of Larswood: Speak to Fahrington in the area east of Larswood. He will ask you to retreive a scroll for him that was stolen by a tasloi and is probably in the hands of an ettercap. You will find the ettercap to the east. Defeat him and take the scroll back to Fahrington. As a reward, he will let you keep the scroll. The scroll is cursed, however, so do not use it.
  16. North of Gullykin: Shar-Teel, a powerful fighter is here to add. Near the northwest corner, you will find many people turned to stoned here by the basilisks. Use a Stone to Flesh scroll on Tamah, the statue with a circle underneath it, to restore her to health
  17. Gullykin: Alvanhendar, the village's Priest will dresse your wounds in the Temple in the Northwest Corner. Directly south of the temple is Jenkal's, the house of a betrayer you have to kill to fulfill part of Lucky-Feet-Gandolar's quest, a secret door in his cellar leads to Firewin Dungeon. Southeast of Jenkal's is Lucky-Feet-Gandolar who will ask you to clear up Firewine Ruins (if you ask him again). If you go down the secret door in Jenkal's tunnels, you'll end up fighting the resident ogre mage right away. In the Southeast corner a tough band of mercenaries will try to prevent you from going through. Fight against them and pick their magic items up.
  18. Firewine Ruins: runs between Firewine Bridge area and secret door in Gullykin. Thanks to the kobolds, great source for fire arrows. There is one square where the koblods regenerate frequently and they leave two fire arrows if you kill them quick enough.There's a trap in the firewine bridge whose trigger is so large that if
    you try to remove trap it, your thief has to step on the trigger to get close. Better let your highest hit point person trigger it.
  19. Firewine Bridge Area: Kill Heilum north of the otherside of the bridge and Kahrsa near the ruins entrance in the cavern.
  20. Northeast of Nashkel: Hulrik in the area northeast of Nashkel, will ask you to drive off the xvarts attacking his cow. But the real fun is fighting the tough robbers Argain, Billy, Dribbin and Ion GallChobbers.
  21. East of Carnival: Lot's of enemies to kill like Narcillicus, especially there are Lamalha, Maneira, , Telka, Zeela who killed you everytime you tried to use the back door of Nashkel Mines. Hentold east of the Carnival will beg your party to save him from the undead that has cursed him and will give you the dagger he stole from a tomb. Enter the tomb to the east and give the Revenant his dagger back.
  22. Northwest of Nashkel: There is Drizzt to save and some robbers to beat. Talk to the guy on the warf and the guy on the island. The half ogres requested killing by the paladin Bjornin in the Jovial Juggler in Beregost. Three are in the North. The fourth seems to wander. I got him on my third pass through the center.
  23. Seawatcher: Speak to Ardrouine in the southwest corner of the area by Seawatcher Tower. She will ask you to fight off some worgs who are attacking her son. Go to the Seawatcher ruins just to the northwest and defeat the worgs. Return to the woman to receive a small reward.