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Walk Through: Prologue

The Prologue is not particularly dangerous but helps to set the stage for the story line. In essence it is a tutorial area that you can use to learn game mechanics. It's worth talking to everyone and completing the quests here for a bit of gold and experience points before talking to your foster father Gorion and leaving Candlekeep. You should also purchase equipment at the Inn. Use all your funds, no sense in carrying gold when a few arrows can be the difference between life and death as you travel the often unfriendly roads of the Sword Coast.

Another thing to be sure to do is to open every barrel, chest, box or table you can and take what you find. You can always sell it for a few gold pieces if you cannot use it. In fact, if it isn't nailed down, pick it up! Once you've armed yourself and done any of the quests you want to perform here, talk to Gorion on the steps of the library inside the inner keep. Tell him you are ready to go and you'll be healed and escorted outside the keep.

map of Candlekeep

Finding Phlydia's Book

Phlydia is standing just northeast of the Inn. She has mislaid her book. You can find it by walking east from there until you find the man standing near a cow. Look in the hay to find the book. Return it to her for a reward of an gem and 50 xp.

Curing Nessa the Cow

If you talk to Dreppin (near a cow and hay bales) he will tell you that Nessa is sick. He asks you to get a potion. You'll find an antidote potion in an unlocked chest in the army barracks south of the main keep. Return it for a reward of 50 xp. Actually, you might want to keep the potion, it may be worth more than the xp!


Retrieving Hull's Sword and getting the antidote

If you head toward the far east of Candlekeep and talk to the guard just south of the gate he will tell you that he forgot his sword when he came on duty. It is in the same chest as the Antidote potion (you may need it later more than you need its reward) that you need to cure Nessa. Return it for a 10 gp and 50xp.

Free Healing Potion

You can get a free healing potion in the monks quarters on the south east corner. Especially, if you tell the monk you need it.

Getting the Rats out of the Store Room

On the east side of the keep, talk to the Dwarf Reevor. He'll tell you that you need to get rid of the rats. Enter the building behind him and kill the rats for a few gold pieces and 50 xp.


The Assassins

Although this isn't properly a quest, it is worth mentioning here. There are two assassins in the keep. One is located in the priest's quarters on the north side of the keep and one is located in the bunk house at the south. Both are armed with daggers and should be simple to defeat, but you do get a little experience. Get used to assassination attempts, these won't be the last!

Returning the Scroll to Firebead

If you talk to the man near the fireplace in the main room of the Inn he will ask you to get a scroll for him. To find this, enter the inner keep gardens on the north side. Tethtoril will give you an Identify Scroll which you can return for 50xp and a potion of healing.


Getting extra money:

Got this stuff from the internet for my kids. Don't know the source or anymore - it seems to be gone.

During play press Crtl+Tab and a window will pop up. Hit enter and you get 500GP.