Durlags Tower

Area - map: The first person you meet is acts as a store for things you find in the tower. You can leave the tower and sell them to him. Remember the nearly impossible to kill Daemon guards from the Thieves Undercellar? There are two here as well.
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dungeon 1

dungeon 2

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dungeon 4

floor 1 - map: the Deamon Knight makes the first appearance in the center hall - make certain you have protection from fire. Also try the balcony before going up. Before Dungeon level 3 uou can go outside the tower and rest and return without penalty.
floor 2 - map: Just goodies to pick up.
floor 3 - map: The NPC thief rigillio is here.
floor 4 - map: Kiriane, the Sirine is here.
basement - map: The NPC Bayard is here. You don't need to kill him but if you do there is 11,000XP
dungeon 1 - map: You need the blue glittering gem if you come across it. There is a Mallet Head in a barrel near the warders and Mallet Head also a Mallet Head somewhere south-east. Take them to the room with the anvil. Use the anvil to make a Mallet. Then use the gong. Get the grape from the bedroom a switch from the drawer. You an odd-looking key to open the drawer. Activate it in the engine room. Later go to a room with looks like a big log and activate it. This makes Grape juice in a bottle. Read the books in the round room across from Durlag's Pride. Then you'll have solved the puzzle. You'll have to fight the warders but the last you spoke to has the wardstone for entry to the next Dungeon.

dungeon 2 - map: 1. read the four books in the entry foyer - they say,

  1. Too young to fight, except to fall; Here died my son, young Fuernebol'.
  2. Islanne, my wife, I love you still. 'Twas just your form they made me kill'.
  3. Moved ne'er by rage and ne'er by anger; Cold is the trait'rous doppelganger'.
  4. 'Oh Kiel, Clan-prince of this dark tower; You made your death your finest hour'

2. Head southwest into a room with a number of statues and two secret doors. Two of the statues can be rotated. Activate the lower statue by rotating it to open the door to a bedroom that leads off the round room where you entered. You will get a message that says, The halls resonate with the sound of grinding stone. A door has opened somewhere nearby.

3. After searching, head back to the NE and find the bedroom you just opened. In this room you will find three colored rune stones. As you enter the room two more secret doors should be outlined in red. Neither will open at this juncture. In the center of the room there is a seating area with a chest. Open it and retrieve the red rune stone. As soon as you do this a secret door opens to the SW that leads back to the statue room. A figure appears in the corridor behind the secret door, now open, who is identified as Durlag Trollkiller. Don't be fooled. Durlag is long dead, so this must be a doppelganger. Get ready for a fight because as soon as the figure finishes his dialog he transforms into a greater doppelganger and launches a fireball into the room. Pummel this cretin and retrieve a diamond off its corpse. Be prepared for more doppelgangers in disguise on this level. Now you can enter the secret passage and pick up another book off the floor that reads, Foul mimic of the mortal man; T was in my shape they killed Islanne. Now on either side of the bed you will find chests each containing another colored rune stone, one orange and one green. Also in the room is a closet containing goodies. When you pick up the orange rune stone you should hear the Practice Chamber Room door open. If not, we can open it with the other gargoyle.

4a. The doors to the practice chamber are opposite those of the bedroom leading off the round entry room. Do not enter at this time as the floor has seven closely packed traps and another doppelganger is waiting to ambush you. Rather, take your party back to the gargoyle room where the secret passage door should now be open as well. If not, you can open the main door by rotating the upper gargoyle, but notice when you do this that the doors to the bedroom simultaneously close. If you can, send someone part way up the secret passage to trigger the doppelganger (in the form of Durlag once again) into starting his dialog. As the Durlag doppelganger begins to speak retreat back into the gargoyle room. Once the dialog is completed, the greater doppelganger will assume his true shape and cast a stinking cloud into the chamber. Let that wear off and now get ready to paste him with your whole party by luring him out of the chamber into the entry way or down the secret passage. Loot his corpse for a Tchazar gem. Once he is out of the way you can send in your thief to disarm all the traps. There is also another 'dusty' book on floor in this secret passage that reads: Soft walks the trait'rous doppelganger; Into my dear son's practice chamber.

4b. The Sparring Dummies: First notice that the three practice dummies have red circles under them. Your party will automatically attack them if the AI is on. So turn off the AI for the time being. Now, with the traps cleared, you can loot the three dummies. You can barely make out that the dummies are colored the same as the three rune stones you picked up in the bedroom. From left to right the three dummies are orange, red and green. Place the corresponding rune stones into each dummy's inventory. Loot them while you're at it. The orange dummy on the left contains excellent arrows The red dummy in the center contains excellent scrolls. The green dummy on the right contains excellent potions. Now have one party member attack the center dummy until you get the message: "The halls resonate with the sound of grinding stone. A door has opened somewhere nearby".

5. The door to the Throne Room is now open. Go back into the entry room and next to the stairs looking NE you will see that you can now enter the Throne Room. But don't rush in just yet. There a secret locked doors to the upper left and lower right of the entrance door. Have your fastest character enter the room alone while the rest of your party stays back in the Entry Room area. Move your character to the end of the long hall where the throne sits on a dais. You will see an unidentified helm on the dais. Pick up the helm and run your character back out into the Entry Room with the rest of your party. Don't stop for anything. As soon as you pick up the helm the first of three 'Durlags' appears and recites the following dialog which contains important information for later:

'Kiel, my firstborn, why so stern all the time?
Come down from that throne and revel with your family for a spell'.

Then you will get the old message: The halls resonate with the sound of grinding stone. A door has opened somewhere nearby". You will get this message twice in succession as the two side doors open up. Now another 'Durlag' enters the room via a dimension door spell and you get the message: You are filled with a sudden sense of dread as the room fills with the sound of shifting stone. A door sealed itself shut nearby.' That was the entry door closing and hopefully you made it out to the Entry Room by now. More messages of the halls resonating with the sounds of opening/shutting doors and a third 'Durlag' enters via a dimension door spell and gives you this dialog: 'Thsss. Dwarfmeat, if you wish to fight then let us fight and be done with ye!' The three 'Durlags' now shapeshift into Greater Doppelgangers and cast two Stinking Cloud and one Cloud Kill spell into the room. You can reopen the door to see the doppelgangers taking damage from their own area affect spells. Now might be a good time to ready your party for a fight and perhaps have your mage cast a few area affect spells of his own into the room. Try to lure out the doppelgangers and kill them one at a time. Keep the party AI off so they don't rush into the poisonous gases. Loot the doppelganger bodies for another Tchazar gem, a Ziose gem and a Bloodstone amulet. Now you should find the two secret doors on either side of the main entrance open. The bottom right door leads to a room with a wall covered in switches and the upper left door to a torture chamber. Now is a good time to identify the helm and discover that it is none other than Kiel's Helm (Protects Against Critical Hit, Protects Against all forms of Panic and Boosts Morale).

6. The Switch Room on the right. Have your thief disarm any traps in here and then start manipulating the switches on the wall until all the doors throughout this maze-like level are open.

7. The door to the torture room in the NE corner leads around a big circle that comes back out into the Throne Room from the Torture Chamber. You can do this circular passage in either direction. But we're going to clear the Torture Chamber out first since it's nearby. So back into the Throne Room and up into the Torture Chamber ­ but carefully. There are 11 traps and some loot is laying on the ground. You don't need the goblet.

8. As you enter this room you will notice some rune carved into the floor and a wall dividing the room in two halves. There is 'dusty' book on the floor. Get your party ready for a fight with two greater doppelgangers as soon as you pick up and read the book that reads' Face My Demons'. These dops are wearing pate mil and armed with flails and bucklers. One has a Tchazar gem and the other a Lightning scroll. Now locate the pot in the center of the divider, disarm the trap on it and retrieve the Teleportation Ward stone. Notice that the runes on the floor are now glowing bright orange. Gather your party and click on the floor runes and be teleported to the other side of the wall.


Carefully send in your thief and find and disarm the huge trap in the center of the room. Retrieve the dusty book that reads 'Seek no Exit'. You do not need to carry any of these books around with your so just dump them after you've examined them. Around the room are four trapped sconces each containing a Potion of Healing. On the north wall is a statue containing 9 Bolts+1, 20 Bolts of Lightning and 11 Bolts of Biting. On the south wall is a door that opens up into an alcove with a statue. Both the floor and statue are trapped. Once disarmed you can retrieve the 'dusty' book off the floor that reads: 'Know no Refuge'. Now disarm the statue and retrieve the Level 3 Ward stone. At this point you can either continue in this direction or backtrack to the Switch Room or the Bed Room (the secret door is now opened and leads into a Storage Room as does the passage from the Switch Room). For now we will press on in the current direction we are heading as we are nearing our objective. We'll clear out the alternate path later for the experience and loot.


Now continuing on the path to the SW you are entering a long passageway with alcoves along one side. Don't go in very far at this point. These alcoves harbor a number of ghasts and the floor has some nasty traps at the far end that shoot fireballs from the wall where you're now standing towards the other end of the passage. This is a good thing because we're going to let those fireballs take out some of the ghasts for us. Near your feet should be a 'dusty' book that reads 'Feel No Warmth'. Read it and ditch it. Position your party for combat and slowly send your thief down the passage until the first to ghasts are lured out. Retreat and let your party take care of the ghasts where it's safe. You did remember to keep the party AI off, right? Repeat this technique of slowly creeping down the passage until more ghasts spot you. Soon some ghasts from the far end of the passage will spot you and head your way. They will trigger the traps and the fireballs should take care of them. The traps are not deactivated by the ghasts triggering them. Now send it your thief with his detect traps activated. If you spot more ghasts retreat immediately or the fireballs might hit the thief. There should be five ghasts (650 xps each) in all. Locate and disarm the two traps at the far end of the hall. One is located at fifth alcove and the other at the far end of the passage just before the stairs. You can bring the party down the passage now but don't go rushing to the stairs. Not only are they trapped but also they are fake.


Just beyond the fake stairs lies Kiel's Crypt and three Dwarven Doom Guards (2000 xps each). First have your thief disarm the fake stairs. Give them a try if you like, you just end right back where you started. Pick up the 'dusty' book near the stairs that reads 'Dance with the Dead' . We can presume that that is a warning of the fight with the doom guards waiting nearby. On the south wall of the fake stair room is a warded door, this is your objective but its not the time to mess with that now. You've got the guards to take care of first.


Keeping your party behind in the passage have one party member slowly approach the crypt entrance until one doom guard spots you. Lead the guard back to the party and whack him dead. These are tough little critters and the cramped quarters of the crypt isn't a good place to be fighting them. Repeat until you've killed all three. Now you can loot the crypt. There is a 'dusty' book on the floor that reads 'Here fell Kiel the Legion-Killer'. Disarm the trapped locker at the foot of the bed and take the loot, an unidentified buckler and Morningstar, 3 healing potions and 432 gold pieces. When identified the buckler turns out to be Kiel's Buckler (AC Bonus 1, +1 Dexterity while equipped). A very nice item for a dart/sling-using thief to have. The Morningstar is Kiel's Morningstar, which happens to be cursed (2D4+3, THACO+3, berserker fury). In the locked chest next to the bed are Potions of Hill Giant Strength and Frost Giant Strength. We're done here and at this point you can either use the Level 3 Ward stone to open the door to the real stairs leading down or clear out the last remaining area for the experience and loot. Doing this will also lead you to a shortcut back to the Bed Room where you might want to stash most of your miscellaneous loot like gems and such so you can come back for them later. There's plenty more loot lying below and you'll want to keep as many inventory slots open as possible.


Take the winding passage to the right of the crypt to get to the Bridge Room. In case you haven't learned by now don't rush your party in here. Turn off the party AI and keep them back behind the big bend in the passage. Now send one party member over to the door of the Bridge Room. Here you'll see three bridges spanning a lava pit. Guarding this room are three greater doppelgangers in the forms of Kiel, Islanne and Fuernebol. The room is trapped as usual and two of these dops are big magic casters while the third is an archer. As soon as one spots you and starts to cast a spell, retreat back behind the bend. You can get them to waste a lot of their spells this way. Hopefully at least one will follow you into the passage and back to your party where you can kill him. The dops keep changing names but it isn't important. If you kill Islanne and head back only to see her there again it just means the dops have assumed new identities. Once you've lured them all out and killed them all you can loot the bodies for a Garnet Gem, Traveler's Robe, Scroll of Vampiric Touch, Chainmail, Composite Long Bow, Bloodstone Amulet. The magic casting dops tend to use a lot of Shadow Door, Resist Fear, Detect Invisibility, and Sleep spells. Now have your thief(s) find and disarm any traps on the floors and bridges. In the top corner of this room is a small trapped nook high on the wall that contains 1157 gold, Protection from Evil 10' Radius and Chaotic Commands scrolls. You have just about come full circle. Now open the door on the NE wall and you are looking into the Storage Room.


Nothing much in here other than 6 traps on the floor, a shortcut to the Bedroom and a passage (trapped) leading back to the Switch Room. Disarm the traps, head into the Bedroom if you like and stash any unneeded supplies either here or in the Statue Room Pedestal. You can carry your loot out at this point but when you return you will have to figure out how to reopen all the doors that have been reset. Better to stash it here for now and retrieve it latter. If you use the pedestal for storage you won't have to reopen any doors.

Now head back to the fake stairs, unlock the warded door and go down the real stairs to Dungeon Level 3.

dungeon 3 - map: There's a recurring fireball blast that appears out of the entry room. On the bodies in the entryway, you can find potions of freedom and healing, darts of wounding, darts of stunning, arrows +1, arrows of ice. The exit to the southeast leads to some natural caverns haunted by some greater ghouls, while the exit to the southwest leads to a group of skeletons armed with arrows of fire. The exit to the northwest leads to a giant cavern with the remains of an ancient wyrm as well as three very live greater wyverns.
The natural caverns have a few traps (three difficult ones along the passageway immediately to the right of your party upon entering the area, and another in the middle of the caverns, and one on the statue in the middle of the cavern). The statue contains healing potions and one of master thievery, darts of stunning, mage scrolls of hold monster and domination, and a battle axe (Bala's Axe). In a dead end, trapped passageway near the far eastern corner of this level, there is an invisible ashirukuru. Cast detect invisibility or invisibility purge in this area to avoid being backstabbed by the ashirukuru. There are several more ashirukuru, and they tend to target lightly armored members in your party, where they can do maximum damage. Casting area-of-effect spells such as grease, stinking cloud and web can also help you to ferret them out.

The body of a dead, giant wyrm dominates this level. Unfortunately, there are some very real and dangerous greater wyverns in that cavern. The area south of the giant fern plant is trapped, as is the dead-end passageway directly north of the fern, where another ashirukuru awaits. Another ashirukuru lurks to the southwest of the caverns in the exit. Don't go around the south route to the exit, unless you have a capable thief that can disarm the formidable trap that guards that route.
West through the exit from the natural caverns, you'll find a room full of sculpted heads. There are some arrows of fire on the floor, but the floor nearby is trapped.

In the large room with the wyrm remains at the far western point of this level are three formidable greater wyverns. A skeleton located near the northeast portion of this room will inform you that you can gain the assistance of five heroes to help you slay the wyverns. The heroes will collectively be able to dispatch the wyverns without your help, but you might want to send them up against the last wyvern one at a time, so that you won't have to fight the heroes yourself after the wyverns are all dead. The last wyvern may kill off all of the heroes, but it'll be so badly damaged that you should be able to take it out easily. Retreat through the narrow passageway at the southwest end of the room if you want to get away from any wyverns. The heroes are equipped with a long sword +1, a scroll of infravision and arrows of ice.

The skeletons in the room southwest of the entrance to this level are equipped with acid arrows, arrows of fire, arrows of ice, arrows of dispelling, potions of healing, bullets +2, bolts +1. There are traps on some of the gangways to the platforms that the skeletons are perched upon.

Once you've defeated all of the elemental rooms, you'll immediately be transferred to the chess room. The hardest of the rooms to defeat is fire while the easiest is ice, I suggest doing ice last.

ice: The northernmost of the four elemental "test" rooms is the cold room, manned by winter wolves and Kaldrun the Bear (who, like the wolves, is capable of launching a ranged frost attack). Sending a few fireballs at the bear as soon as you enter the room will end the battle in a hurry.

slime: The room immediately south of the previous one is the "slime" room, where a fission slime awaits. Make sure you use fire to take out the slime or you'll just cause it to multiply.

air: In the next room south you'll initially be confronted by an air aspect, which looks like a baby wyvern but is considerably more vicious. Advance slowly into this room and take out the air aspect. Once it's gone, cast detect invisibility and continue advancing slowly through the room. There are three invisible stalkers in the room, but you can take them on one at a time if you advance slowly. With capable missile weapons, you'll be able to strike each of them down before they can reach your party.

fire: The last room, the farthest one south, contains a phoenix guard, who you should take out with missile weapons. Do not use fire weapons or he'll multiply. He'll explode into a fireball when you take him out, and may return, forcing you to take him out again.

chess: Obey the rules given at the beginning of the chess game to spare your party some pain. It's easiest to not move your party members at all, so you don't have to risk breaking the rules. Launch area-of-effect spells such as fireball, stinking cloud (the best) and web while you pick off enemies with missile weapons. The Queen is a dangerous spellcaster, so focus your attacks on her once she makes an appearance. Don't let any of the pawns reach your end of the board, where they can be transformed into Queens. The king is equipped with darts of stunning, a potion of frost-giant strength, scrolls of emotion, champion's strength, protection from evil ten-foot radius, remove curse and a two-handed sword +3: 'the world's edge', and the rooks are equipped with arrows +2. Once all of the enemy pieces have been dispatched, you don't have to worry about the rules and can walk through the room normally. Further, you can save and rest then without fear. The exit to the fourth floor is to the east.

Here is another tactic I used to beat the chess room. Used my wizard to cast web on the middle right of the board. This stopped them almost completely. I then used my archer to target the farthest enemy they could with arrows of detonation. While I pounded the helpless victim I used basic monster summoning and summon skeletons to handle the 2 people who actually made it across the board. The summoned creatures were free to move anywhere. The rest of my party had missile weapons to help with the closer targets. The battle went quickly and when they were all dead you are free to walk right across the board, save and rest without fear.

dungeon 4 - map: Continuing down the corridor east of Durlag's phantom, you'll run into a similar phantom of Islanne, who will offer to send you out of the tower, don't do it or you'll have to start all over again. In the corridor north of her is a room guarded by a pair of helmed horrors. The forge in the middle is trapped, but contains the bone wardstone.

Just before the bone wardstone room is a secret room on the left. There is an obvious but not direct path which keeps you from inundated with spells. Lots of goodies here but click on the beds last.

Over the bridge to the south is a stone golem who will test you on your knowledge of history - (I bet you wish you took notes back on dungeon level two. Before I left that level, I left all the books in the entry level.). You get asked four of nine questions. Five of the answers are Fuernebol, Trollkiller, Kiel, Islanne, Thunderaxe.

There's a couple of secret rooms near the southeast corner of this level, and several more in the western portion of this level (two of which are accessible only through slime pools). The secret doors in the southeast corner of this level lead to a room with a trapped chest that contains a long sword +1, flame tongue: 'the burning earth' and a staff of striking. There are traps every half screen or so in the corridors at the far east of this level, leading to a throne room accessible only with the compass wardstone in your possession. In the throne room there is a cache of gems and a short sword +1. The throne will take you to another room of stone golems (answer: Durlag is to blame, although the blame begins with the invaders).

Through the series of hidden doors leading to the western portion of this level (through a slime pit), you'll find Grael, a greater ghoul that guards Durlag's body. Grael will warn you of a Tanar'ri if you speak to him sympathetically. Grael has the compass wardstone on him, and the outcrop nearby has some bracers of defense AC8.

After you solve all three of the golem confrontations, Durlag will lead you to the root of evil at the tower. Follow him until you meet Clair De'Lain, who will give you some advice about confronting the demonknight. In a trapped container in Clair's room is a cloak of the shield.

The demonknight is holding the soultaker dagger and a large shield +1. You can avoid a direct fight with the demonknight by pulling open the mirror beside him, which will let out mirrorfiend doppelgangers of your party and of the demonknight. Spreading out your party will minimize damage from the demonknight's fireballs. Prior to entering the final room in the tower, you should cast haste on your party, arm your fighters with potions of heroism and giant strength, cast chant, bless, protection from evil and protection from fire on your party members, and have your thieves hide in shadows or become invisible so that they can go for backstabbing attacks. The demonknight has 125 hp and is worth 15,000 xp. Dalton can be released after you've dispatched the demonknight. To keep my guys from being stunned and poly'd I kept my hasted thief loaded with 20 arrows of dispelling from Durlags tower. One shot, and poof! no more hold!

I think I used 12 arrows up just doing that trick and none of my guys died! Bring on the death gaze! The potions of freedom just didn't seem to be all that effective and he resisted the otilukes sphere.

NPCs on this level: Clair De'Lain, Dalton, Durlag, Grael, Islanne.

Magic items on this level: arrows +1; arrows of fire; bullets +2; bolts of biting; darts of wounding; war hammer +1; long sword +1, flame tongue: 'the burning earth'; staff of striking; short sword +1; mace +2: 'Krotan's Skullcrusher'; sling +3; leather armor +3; large shield +1; large shield +2; bracers of defense AC8; cloak of the shield; wands of lightning, fire, and monster summoning; potions of antidote, fire-giant strength, freedom, frost-giant strength, healing, master thievery and oil of speed; and scrolls of invisibility, know alignment, stinking cloud, resist fear and web.

Enemies on this level: crypt crawlers, demonknight, ettercaps, ghasts, greater ghouls, helmed horrors, spiders (astral phase, phase, sword).