Math 353 Introduction to Combinatorics I - Fall 2016

Welcome to the website for David Hemmer's Math 353A- Introduction to Combinatorics I.  The class meets in Math 250 Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 - 9:50 a.m..

The textbook is Allenby & Slomson, How to Count: An Introduction to Combinatorics.

Dave's Contact Information:

Office:  Mathematics Building 211/ 226 (chair's office)

Office Hours:                      
                             Monday                10:00-11::00       
                            Wednesday           11:30-12:30    
                            Thursday               3:00-4:00

These are only the times I am guaranteed to be in my office.  You can take your chances and stop by anytime, or call first to see if I'm here, or make an appointment. The best way to contact me is email.  Please make frequent use of my office hours! Here is my Fall 2014 SCHEDULE.

Phone:          716-645-8775
Dave's Website: 


Reading Files: I will post all files in .pdf format, which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Course Handouts/Demos: Anything I pass out or display in class will go here.

8/29/16    Course Information Sheet


9/28/16    Sock Matching Problem          INVOLVE paper on sock matching

9/28/16    Example for Catalan Proof

10/7/16    Review Sheet Midterm 1

10/10/16    Sample Exam         Solutions

10/10/16    Maple worksheet Catalan generating function

12/5/16    Review Sheet for Final Exam

12/5/16    Nonsexist Solution to the Menage Problem


    Assignment #1  Due Wednesday 9/7/16            SOLUTIONS

   Assignment #2 Due Wednesday 9/14/16                SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #3 Due Wednesday 9/21/16                SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #4 Due Wednesday 9/28/16    3.3.6B, 3.3.8B, 4.1.5B, 4.1.7B, 4.2.1B, 4.3.2A, 4.3.2B    SOLUTIONS

    Assignment # 5    Due Wednesday 10/5/16    SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #6   Due Friday 10/14/16        SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #7 Due Wednesday 10/26    SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #8    Due Wedesday 11/2    SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #9 Due Friday 11/11        SOLUTIONS

    Assignment #10 Due Tuesday 11/22    SOLUTIONS

Assignment #11 Due Monday 12/5    SOLUTIONS

Assignment #12 Due Monday 12/12 or sometime thereafter


    Midterm Solutions

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