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Mentorship Creates Network of Mathematicians

Reading list


  1. 3 African American Women x 3 Ph.D.s = One Rare Achievement in Mathematics
  2. 50 Most Important Blacks in Research Science 2004
  3. African Americans in Mathematics by Nathaniel Dean - Book Review by James Donaldson
    African Americans in Mathematics II by Nathaniel Dean, Cassandra McZeal, and Pamela Williams
  4. journal: African Journal of Mathematics
  5. Africanisms in American Mathematical and Information Sciences and African Fractals by Ron Eglash
  6. An African Mathematician in the early 1700's
  7. Anton Amo, African Professor in 18th century Germany
  8. Benjamin Banneker
  9. Banneker's Trig puzzle excerpt.
  10. The Best Journals by Scott Williams
  11. Black Societies in the Mathematical Sciences in the World
  12.    Black and American Minority Science Organizations Online in the US
  13. Black Astronomers (pdf) by Robert Fikes
  14. The most Black Mathematics Ph.D's
    Howard (?); Berkeley (21); Maryland (17); Michigan (15); Illinois (9);
  15. IAS: Black Mathematician visitors to the Institute for Advanced Study (11)
  16. MSRI's Blackwell-Tapia Prize
  17. Books on African Mathematical Traditions in surprising places
    by Ron Eglash
    by Paulus Gerdes
  18. book: Edward Bouchet, The first African Doctorate
  19. Developing a Career in Mathematics
  20. Chronology of African American Ph.D.'s in Mathematics
  21. First HBCU Ph.D. program in Mathematics or A History of Mathematics at Howard University
  22. Ford Founation Fellows (post-doctoral / predoctoral)
  23. Free Mathematics Web Journals
  24. Thomas Fuller, African slave and mathematician and Gerdes books on African Mathematical Traditions
  25. Caleb Gattegno (1911-1988)
  26. A Girl's journey to a doctorate in Mathematical Sciences by Cecilia Wangechi Mwathi
  27. Greatest Black Mathematicians, Who are they?
  28. Mathematical Patterns in African American Hairstyles by Gloria Gilmer
  29. Mathematics is Four Dimensional: A Basis for a Professional Master's Degree by William Massey
  30. Mentorship Creates Network of Mathematicians
  31. Donald Hill, an appreciation of an opponent of racism
  32. History of the African Mathematical Union
  33. A History of Minority Participation in the Southeastern Section of the MAA
  34. How a White School Got its First Black Student
  35. Black Mathematics Journals
  36. Patricia Kenschaft, historian on Black women in Mathematics
  37. Lee Lorch, an appreciation of an opponent of racism
  38. An article on African American research scientists by Kenneth R. Manning, Can History Predict the Future?
  39. A Letter to Graduate Students by Dawn Lott
  40. Media's Belated Discovery of Black Science Experts by Robert Fikes, Jr.
  41. Kelly Miller, 1863-1939, first Black to study graduate Mathematics.
  42. reading list
  43. R. L. Moore, racist mathematician exemplified
  44. Review: Reflections on the Black Experience at MIT
  45. Charles Reason, an African American Mathematician in 1850
  46. Mathematics in the Countries of Southern Africa (pdf), Realities and Aspirations
  47. Ph.D. graduates of the Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies CRFP Program by William Massey
  48. posters on African Americans in Math and Science
  49. Practice Math Ph.D. Qualifying & Preliminary Exams
  50. Princeton Full Professor, Black Mathematican
  51. Pseudo-science and Race - a collection of arguments against the Bell Curve and similar genetic racial flotsam.
  52. Research Books by Black Research Mathematicians
  53. Statistics - Percentage of Mathematicians who are Black
  54. The Stephens Method, and The Morgan-Potsdam Model for teaching undergraduate mathematics
  56. Transfigural Mathematics: The Journal | Lere O. Shakunle, journal editor | The Matran School
  57. Unfulfilled Tomorrows, working with students with a weak background
  58. Unknown
  59. Francis Williams, Jamaican Mathematician 1702-1770

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