Lere Skakunle is a Mathematical Journalist, the author of numerous articles on Transfigural Mathematics, the editor of the Journal of Transfigural Mathematics [JTfM], and web director for the new Transfigural Mathematics Laboratory at ACSA!. He was born in Modakeke, Oyo State, Nigeria, May 28, 1954. He went to Germany in 1978 for further studies.



University of Lagos (Mass Communication)

Nigerian Institute of Journalism (Refresher Course in Journalism (Distinction won together with Supo Ibikunle, former Editor, Lagos Weekend, Daily Times, Nigeria))

Daily Times School of Journalism (Refresher Course in Journalism)

University of Gsttingen, Germany (Physics, Mathematics and Social Science)

Advanced Course in Mechatronics, International Centre for Mechanical Sciences,

Udine, Italy (involving Robotics and Artificial Intelligence) - "HW/SW Co-Design Symposium and Hands-on" organized by OMI-InterUniversity Nework 2 (IUN2) in cooperation with DSP, 18 - 21 February 1997, Leuven, Belgium

[to repesent The Matran School of Mathematics] (Computer Design Course)



Electronic Crutch

Matran Adaptive Computer




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SIAM Annual Meeting, July 11 - 15, 1988, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Delta Traffic Problem (poster) SIAM Conference on Control in the 90's: Achievements, Opportunities, and Challenges, May 17 - 19, 1989, San Franscisco, California

Identity and Complementarity, Logic Colloquium, Finland 1990 (paper)

Cycles, Periods and Phases (poster)

Conference: DNA: The Double Helix - Fourty Years: Perspective and Prospective - which took place in Chicago. October 13 - 16, 1993. The Conference was organized by The New York Academy of Sciences, cosponsored by Green College, University of Oxford and University of Illinois at Chicago in honour of Crick, Watson and Wilkins

A generative Neural Network and its Fuzzy Adaptor (poster)

Conference - Tampere International Conference on Machine Automaton: Mechatronics Spells Profitability - organized by Tampere University of Technology, Finland. The Conference takes place in Tampere, Finland, February 15 - 18, 1994

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Shakunle, Lere O.; Bulckens, Anne The Divided Line and Logic Numbers International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin, Germany, August 18 - 27, 1998

Shakunle, Lere O.: Lifelines and Condition Systems, International Conference on Systems, Signals, Control, Computer, Durban, South Africa, 22 - 24 September, 1998



Model Answers on English Language G.C.E. 1968 - 1974 (First and Second Editions published and sold in Nigeria and in the English-speaking Cameroon). [Third Edition largely revised now with the Heinemann Educational Publishing plc, Ibadan: Contact Person: Ayo Ojeniyi . Publishing Director]

Fundamentals of English Language Examinations



Endurance on Trial



Newspaper, Magazines, Radio and Television

- Nigerian Television Service (former name), Lagos, Nigeria, (Reporter)

- Radio Nigeria (formerly NBC), Lagos, Nigeria (Co-producer/Reporter)

- Daily Times, Lagos, Nigeria (Sub-editor/Reporter)

- Afriscope, Lagos, Nigeria (Editorial Assistant)

- African Spark and Nigerian Consumer, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (Editor of the two magazines at the same time)

- Student Magazine, Lagos, Nigeria (Co-publisher (published with Dr Olawale Idris: Shakunle Idris & Co.) /Editor-in-Chief)





- Outlook Magazine, Gsttingen, Germany (Co-publisher Anja Christine Schuckart, Coordinating Editor/Editor

- Gsttinger Tageblatt, Gsttingen (Guest Reporter)

- SudWest Presse, Ulm (Reporter (Freelancing))




- Editorship of the Journal, Transfigural Mathematics

- The Matran School of Mathematics [Director/Founder]

- Building on the Foundations of Transfigural Mathematics

- Interdisciplinary Research covering Mathematics, Logic, Computer Science,

Natural/Social Sciences, Philosophy of (Mathematics, Science),

Artificial (Life, Intelligence)

- Laying Foundations for New Technologies




- American Mathematical Society

- Mathematical Association of America

- Chartered Institute of Journalists, Britain and Ireland

- International Federation of Science Editors, Italy

- The British Society for the Philosophy of Science

- The New York Academy of Sciences

- IEEC Computer Society




- Member, Editorial Board, HyperSpace.

A Journal published by the Japan Institute of HyperSpace Science.




Chair in: Section 3 (Number Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry)

Title of Session: Adhoc-Session S03,

International Congress of Mathematicians, 1998, Berlin, Germany

Co Chairman of Session :International Conference on Systems, Signals,

Control, Computer, Durban, South Africa




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