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Patricia Kenschaft is the author of many books and articles on blacks and women in mathematics. Below are a few. Currently, Dr. Kenschaft is on the faculty of Montclaire State College. web page:

email: OR

office: 973-655-7246
home: 973-744-7340

Dr. Kenschaft earned her A.B. Swarthmore College, and her M.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. She is Host of a Call-in Radio Talk Show Math Medley now available on the net at The show has
aired locally for over two years. It can now be heard live every Saturday
at noon Eastern time anywhere.

A list of the first 134 guests, along with their topics, can be seen at "Math Medley" (if this doesn't work, try her web site). In a few months past shows will also be available on the web; details and updates will be posted at this website. Dr. Pat and Renaissance Radio would welcome offers by other stations to syndicate Math medley.

Math Medley considers education, parenting, equity, and environmental issues with an underlying theme of mathematics. Each week the host chats with a guest by telephone about some topic chosen by the guest. Previous guests have included the first and third African American women to earn a doctorate in mathematics, the first Latino to be inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, and the first Native American to be nominated to be Vice President of the MAA. They have also included two past presidents of the Benjamin Banneker Association, the 30-year executive director of NAM, the executive director of Strengthing Undergraduate Minority Mathematical Achievement, and the editor of "Black Engineer" and "Latino Engineer."

Also featured have been the presidents of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Association for Women in Mathematics, as well as the Director of the national Family Math program and the Chair of the Writing Group of the recently released Principles and Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Many of the guests are classroom teachers at all levels from kindergarten through Ph.D. programs, and about a quarter
use mathematics to address environmental and economic issues.



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