Black Women in Mathematical Research

Name : FIELD (approximate number of publications) : curent location

  1. Kbenesh W. Blayneh : Mathematical Biology (9): Florida A & M University
  2. Fern Y. Hunt : Applied Mathematics (20): NHIST
  3. Trachette Jackson : Mathematical Biology (16): University of Michigan
  4. Dawn A. Lot : Mathematical Biology (5): Delaware State University
  5. Christine McMillan : Applied Math (11) : ?
  6. Katherine Okikiolu : Analysis (10): University of California, San Diego
  7. Aida Beatrijs Paalman-De Miranda : Topology (12): University of Amsterdam - retired
  8. Bonita V. Saunders : Applied Math (12): NIST
  9. Aissa Wade : Symplectic geometry (7) : Pennsylvania State University
  10. Suzanne L. Weekes : Applied Math (8): Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Black Research Mathematicians

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