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Who are the Black Women in the Mathematical Sciences?

Less than 1% of all mathematicians are Black. 25% of these are women. This web page is dedicated to them and we attempt to profile them all, from 1943 until today, as the information arrives. Please note that below we have also added some people whose Ph.D. might not be in Mathematics

A-F : G - L : M - R : S - Z

A - F

Beverly Anderson

Patty Anthony

Prince W. Armstrong

Shermane Austin

Elayne Arrington

Stella Ashford

Kim Woodson Barnette

Patricia Wright Beaulieu

Della Bell

Constance G. Bland

Kbenesh W. Blayneh

Sylvia T. Bozeman

Lillian K. Bradley

Therese Harce Braithwaite

Loretta Braxton

Martha A. Brown

Marjorie Lee Browne

Shea Burns

Naiomi Cameron

Lucy J. Campbell

Marian Palmer Caps

Danielle Carr

Jamylle L. Carter

Paulette Ceesay

Michaele F. Chappell

Sharon Clarke

Janice E. Cook

Suzanne Craig

Debra Curtis

Geraldine C. Darden

Gelonia Dent

Salimatou Diagne

Afi Harrington

Mary Hawkins

Mary Syvester Deconge

Annie J. Easley

Teresa Edwards

Etta Z. Falconer

Emma Fenceroy

Pauline Fotso

G - L

Annie M. W. Garraway

Sadie Gasaway

Fannie Gee

Jacqueline Brannon Giles

Gloria Ford Gilmer *

Joella H. Gipson

Gladys Glass

Nancy Glenn

Evelyn Boyd Granville

Josephine Guidy-Wandja

Leona Harris

Linda Bailey Hayden

Euphemia Lofton Haynes

Gloria Hewitt

Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver

Fern Y. Hunt

Cheryll Suber-Gerelle

Louise Hunter

Tasha Inniss

Julie Simmons Ivy

Shirley Ann Jackson

Frances Yvonne Jackson

Monica Jackson

Trachette Jackson

Alvina M. Johnson

Corlis P. Johnson

Mary H. Johnson

Mary S. Johnson

Dorothy Jones

Eleanor Dawley Jones

Genevieve M. Knight

Tuwaner Lamar

Joan Sterling Langdon

Andrea Lawrence

Georgia S. Lawrence

Nandi Leslie

Kathryn M. Lewis

Dawn A. Lott

M - R

Iris Mack

Carolyn Mahoney

Vivienne Malone-Mayes

V. G. Masanja

Lynnell Matthews

Cynthia McIntyre

Shirley Mathis McBay

Rada Higgins McCreadie

Camille McKayle

Jillian McLeod

Christine McMillan

Cassandra McZeal

Iris Gugu Moche

Loretta A. Moore

Willie Hobbs Moore

Karolyn Ann Morgan

Shona Davidson Morgan

Martha Moss

Eunice Gogo Mphako

Janviere Ndirahisha

Virginia K. Newell

Katherine Okikiolu

Janis Oldham

Yewande Olubummo

Aida Paalman

Wanda Patterson

S - Z

Bonita V. Saunders

Evelyn Patterson Scott

Sherry Scott

Kimberly Flagg Sellers

Rhonda Sharpe

Daphne L. Smith

Georgia Caldwell Smith

Laura B. Smith

Peggie Adkins Smith

Tonya M. Smoot

Dolores Spikes

Vernise Steadman

H. Jeanette Stephens

Monica Stephens

Sonya Stephens

Denise Stephenson-Hawk

Francis E. Sullan

Louise Nixon Sutton

Thyrsa Frazier Svager

Valerie E. Taylor

Elaine Terry

Shirley Thompson

Evelyn E. Thornton

Bessie Tucker

Miranda I. Teboh-Ewungkem

Ethel M. Turner

Aissa Wade

Janice B. Walker

Harriet Junior Walton

Cecilia Wangechi

Josephine Guidy Wandja

Kim Ward

Shree Y. Whitaker

Talitha M. Washington

Suzanne L. Weekes

Kimberly Weems

Gladys Gaskin Whitehead

Grace Lele Williams

Pamela J. Williams

Roselyn E. Williams



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