Stanley Einstein-Matthews



Ph.D. (1993) Uppsala University, Sweden
thesis: Extremal Plurisubharmonic Functions and Complex Monge-Ampère Operators; Advisor: Christer Kiselman

Associate Professor, Howard University

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(9 papers published) Complex Differential Geometry, Several Complex Variables, Algebraic Topology


6. Darko, P. W.; Einstein-Matthews, S. M.; Lutterodt, C. H. On rational approximation in a ball in $\bold C\sp N$. Int. J. Math. Math. Sci. 24 (2000), no. 5, 335--344.

5. Einstein-Matthews, Stanley M. Symplectic structures and symmetries of solutions of the complex Monge-Amp*re equation. Nagoya Math. J. 150 (1998), 63--83.

4. Einstein-Matthews, Stanley M.; Lutterodt, Clement H. Growth of transcendental entire functions on algebraic varieties. Israel J. Math. 109 (1999), 253--271.

3, Einstein-Matthews, Stanley M. Boundary behaviour of extremal plurisubharmonic functions. Nagoya Math. J. 138 (1995), 65--112.

2. Einstein-Matthews, S. M.; Kasana, H. S. Proximate order and type of entire functions of several complex variables. Israel J. Math. 92 (1995), no. 1-3, 273--284.

1. Lutterodt, Clement; Einstein-Matthews, Stanley Rational approximation in logarithmic capacity of meromorphic maps from $C\sp n$ to $C\sp m$. Approximation theory IX, Vol. I. (Nashville, TN, 1998), 239--245, Innov. Appl. Math., Vanderbilt Univ. Press, Nashville, TN, 1998. 



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