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area of research: Geometric Analysis

Professor and Associate Chairman of Mathematics at Howard University

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Department of Mathematics
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Dr. Lutterodt has 31 publications. His interests are Rational and meromorphic approximations in several complex variables


  1. Lutterodt, C. H., J.B. Ofosu. Mathematical Formulae, Tables and Statistical Tables; Afram Publications (Ghana, 1978 pp. 85:h

recent unpublished

Einstein-Matthews, Stanley M.; Lutterodt, C. H. H. Seydi, Algebraic Approximation of Holomorphic Vector Bundles on Affine Complex Algebraic Varieties (1), Acca. Pel. dei Peri, Math. & Phys. Sci.; 2000 (to appear).

Einstein-Matthews, Stanley M.; Lutterodt, C. H. Interpolation and Approximation on Complex Algebraic Varieties in Pseudoconvex Domains, 2000 ( to appear)


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