Web-based Are You Ready quiz/reviews

A group of people associated with the Mathematics Department at the University of Arizona put a great deal of thought and effort into a set of quiz/review programs for students about to start first and second year courses in Mathematics.

I've been constructing web-versions (cgi applications) of the programs. This makes the quiz/reviews immediately available to anyone on the net. All that is needed is a web browser that supports forms.

Students (or anyone else) can

  • run quiz/reviews at any time from any machine that is connected to the net.
  • print out the review material that is displayed when "help" is requested.
  • print out the suggestions for additional review displayed when each set of 10 questions is completed: these are pointers to specific pages and problems from the Schaum's outline series.

Students should work out the answer to the each question with pencil and paper, before selecting a response.

The set of web-based quiz/reviews is not as comprehensive as the original set of "Are You Ready" programs. The original programs have two versions of each question, and switch between the versions at (random?) times. The present web-implementations have only a single version of each question. The web-implementation of "Preparation for the advanced placement test" is not available.


"Are You Ready" Acknowledgments

I would like to thank Bob Meyer at the University at Buffalo for helping with getting these cgi applications up on the web server in the Math Department, and Ross Winston for help with cgi applications on the university-wide web server.

The Web-based "Are You Ready" quiz/reviews are implementations in perl of programs written by David Lovelock of the Math Department at the University of Arizona. Prof. Lovelock includes the following note of appreciation with his programs:

      "I wish to acknowledge the help, advice, skills, and encouragement
                    provided by the following individuals.

The Faculty of the Math Dept at the University of Arizona, but especially :

    John Brillhart                     J. G. Caputo
    Jim Cushing                        Bob Dillon
    Bill Faris                         Larry Grove
    Marlene Hubbard                    David Levermore
    David Lomen                        Dan Madden
    Jim Mark                           Alan Newell
    Dick Pierce

The T.A.s of the Math Dept at the University of Arizona, but especially :

    Anne Shelden                       Jose Soltero
    Robin Steinberg

The Students at the University of Arizona, but especially :

    Neil Begley                        October Crowell
    Masakazu Kudaka                    Minhwei Liu
    Michael Lowery                     Dave McElfresh
    Virano Nasution                    Sheri Yandell

The Administration at the University of Arizona, but especially :

    Ed McCullough                      John Wilson

Various other individuals, but especially :

    Chuck Allison                      Kevin Berger
    Donald Bushnell                    Richard E. Evans
    Gerry Fitzgerald                   Gene Lowry
    Cynthia Lovelock                   Denise Lovelock
    Myrna Mitchell                     Robbie Paul
    Daniel Rosengarten                 Chuck Walter
    Robbin Williamson                  Jack A. Zucker"

Brian Hassard, Feb. 4, 1998; revised Aug. 7, 2011