Are You Ready for Calculus I?

This web-based program gives a quiz and review on those sections of algebra which are most important in Calculus I. The results of the quiz are not recorded: the only purpose is to hone skills in algebra.

Please choose a subject, then select "Submit choice" After you complete all 10 questions in a quiz, the program will usually offer suggestions about what to do next.

Greek lettersElementary trigonometryElementary algebra
Functions and equationsInequalitiesCurves
Functions from formulaTrig identities

"I think the main reason students do poorly in Calculus I has little to do with the course itself. It has to do with poor or forgotten algebra skills. ... some of the material which they did not master in College Algebra is essential for success in Calculus I."(David Lovelock, author of the original "Are You Ready?" programs.)

For related web-based Are You Ready programs, see rur_index.html at the Department of Mathematics, University at Buffalo.
Please send any corrections or comments to Brian Hassard the author of rurci3.cgi, this web-based quiz/review program.
These programs derive from the corresponding (dos) Are You Ready program from the Mathematics Department of the University of Arizona.


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