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1925 Elbert F. Cox (first African American Mathematics Ph.D.) 1
1928 Dudley W. Woodard; 1
1933 William Walter S. Claytor; 1
1935 Walter R. Talbot; 1
1938 Reuben R. McDaniel; Joseph A. Pierce; 2
1941 David H. Blackwell; 1
1942 J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr.; 1
1943 Euphemia Lofton Haynes (first African American Woman Math Ph.D.); Clarence F. Stephens; 2
1944 Warren H. Brothers; Joseph Dennis; Wade Ellis, Sr.; 3
1945 Jeremiah C. Certaine; 1
1949 Evelyn Boyd Granville; 1

North American Ph.D. or citizenship: 15; 2

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