Jeremiah Certaine

Born: June 6, 1920; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BA (1940) Temple University; MS (1941) Temple University

Ph.D. (1945) Harvard University
thesis: Lattice-Ordered Groupoids and Some Related Problems; advisor: Garrett Birkhoff

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Jeremiah Certaine attented Temple University, receiving a Bachelor and a Masters of Arts. He earned a Ph.D. in 1945 from Harvard University. Dr. Certaine served as a Staff Member of the Radiation Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from 1945-1946. Between 1946-1948, Certaine served as a Research Mathematician and the Nuclear Radiation Laboratory. From 1947-1951, Certaine was appointed Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Howard University. He served as Senior Mathematician for the Nuclear Development Associates from 1951-1958. From 1958 to 1964 Dr. Certaine served as Manager of the Mathematics Department of the Research & Development Operation, United Nuclear Corporation. Beginning in 1964, Certaine served as Science Advisor for the Office of the Manager, Research & Development Division, United Nuclear Corporation.

Most of the data we have on Jeremiah Certaine comes from the African American Faces of Science. Also

reference: The Negro in Science. Julius Taylor, editor. (Baltimore, MD: Morgan State College Press), 1955. p. 188.


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