Robert A. Ellis

birth: born 1924 - died 1989

pre-doctoral degrees: M.S. Yale University

doctoral institution: University of Iowa


After receiving his Master's Robert Ellis taught at Tennessee A&I. He then went to earn his doctorate at the University of Iowa. Upon obtaining his Ph.D., Ellis returned to Tenessee A&I as a professor a few years before joining in 1956 a group working on controlled fusion, Project Matterhorn in Princeton. He became a key member of the team studying magnetic confinement and heating of plasmas in stellarators. The project's published papers on the B-1 and B-3 devices were the first to document ohmic heating, anamolous transport across the magnetic field, radio frequency plasma heating at the lower-hybrid frequency, and nonlinear cyclotron harmonic interactions. From 9172 to 1976 Dr. Ellis was group leader for the Adiabatic Toroidal Compressor tokamak at Princeton. He was a member of the Department of Energy's Compact Toroid Coordination Committee. In 1988 he was appointed head of experimental projects at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, putting him in charge of all non-TFTR experimental work.


references: [faces], [African American Presence in Physics], [taylor]


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