C. Dwight Lahr

Born: 1944

place: Philadelphia

Temple University A.B. (1966) Mathematics; Syracuse University M.A. 1968 (Mathematics)

Ph.D. (1972) Syracuse University
thesis: Approximate Identities and Multipliers for Certain Convolution Measure Algebras; Lawrence Lardy

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Dartmouth College

personal or universal URL: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~clippen/dwightPage.html
email: dwight.lahr@dartmouth.edu

Dr. Lahr appears to be the first African American to get tenure in an Ivy League School department of mathematics.

Temple University Phi Beta Kapa biography.

Testimony by former Dartmouth colleague Claude Joseph Phillip Poux.

1971-73: Mathematician, Bell Labs, Holmdel, New Jersey; Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics, Savannah State College1973-74; Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Amherst College 1974-75:
In 1975, Dr. Lahr hired by Dartmouth as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dartmouth College. In 1981 he became Associate Professor, and Associate Dean of Faculty for Sciences, and Dean of Graduate Studies; In 1984 he became Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, and Dean of the Faculty (until 1989). At Dartmouth College, Professor Lahr has had two Ph.D. students: Charles Jones (1978) and Daniel Sloughter (1981)

Research and Focused Studies

Concentration: Research Interests are Harmonic Analysis on Groups and Semigroups; Functional Analysis; Banach Algebras; Educational Computing.


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