Afi Davis Harrington

Born: May 15, 1972

place: Cheverly, Maryland

B.S. in Mathematics, Spelman College (1993); M.O.R., North Carolina State University

Ph.D. North Carolina State University1997
area of degree: Operations Research; thesis: Fuzzy Control System Design with Applications to Communication Networks; Advisor:

Research Analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Corporation


mathematical interests: Operations Research

Afi Harrington was born Afi Davis and raised in Maryland. She attended the Science and Technology Program at Eleanor Roosevelt Senior High School in Greenbelt, MD. That program was a strong foundation for her interest in math and science. Upon graduation, she went to Atlanta to pursue a degree in mathematics at Spelman College.

At Spelman, Afi encountered several African-American women with doctorates in mathematics Etta Falconer, Sylvia Bozeman, Gladys Glass, Theresa Edwards, Yewande Olubummo, and Wanda Patterson. During her junior and senior years, her thesis advisor, Fred Bowers, introduced her to the field of operations research (OR).

Upon graduating from Spelman, Afi enrolled in the Operations Research program at North Carolina State University. There, she received the professional degree (M.O.R.) and the Ph.D. in OR. She began her professional career as a mathematician at the National Security Agency. In 1999, she joined the research staff at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Corporation. She is currently a research analyst and project director there.

Afi extends a special thank you to her parents for inspiring and encouraging her to pursue her doctoral degree. Her extended family and friends were also very supportive. She hopes to inspire young women in underrepresented groups (especially African-American women) to pursue higher education in math and science.


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