Teresa Dawn Edwards

Born: Feb. 17, 1954; birthplace: Nashville, TN

B.A. (Mathematics-1976) Spelman College; M.S. (Operations Research-1979) Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. (Industrial & Systems Engineering 1990) Georgia Institute of Technology
thesis: A Box Method for Minimizing Strictly Convex Quadratic Functions over Convex Sets; advisor: Fiaz A. Al-Khayyal

Associate Professor of Mathematics of Spelman College;

URL: http://www.bennett.edu/math/tedwards.htm

Teresa Edwards born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee graduating from high school adter in the first year of federally court ordered busing. She attended Spelman College, graduating magna cum Laude with a major in mathematics. Following graduation from college, she attended Cornell University for one year and then transferred to the Georgia Institute of Technology. She earned the MS degree in Operations Research in 1979 from Georgia Tech. She continued her studies at Georgia Tech working towards her doctoral degree until 1981.

After her doctorate, Dr. Edweards returned to Spelman College where she raised in ranks from Assistant Professor to Associate Professsor. In 2003 she became Associate Professor at Bennett College.

Dr. Edward's research interests include nonlinear optimization, communication networks, and environmental science. She has investigated balancing loads on SONET Rings with a GTE colleague, and recently she worked with NASA and other atmospheric scientists on the 1997 Indonesia forest fires and presented her findings at an international meeting in Singapore in April 1998. She also supervises students on undergraduate research projects, with resulting competition awards and publications.

Her professional activities have included organizing and hosting MATHFest 93, A Conference for Undergraduates in Mathematics; hosting the 1997 MAA SE Section Meeting and a Project Kaleidoscope Faculty 21 Meeting; reviewing EPA, NSF, and NASA proposals; serving as the mathematics professor of fifty eighth grade minority students for the Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA in the summer of 1994; and providing advice for an exhibit, "The World We Create," at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY. She has worked with several professional organizations including the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) - Executive Board (1997-2000), Mathematical Association of America (MAA) - Committee on Consultants - Chair (1999-2002), National Association of Mathematicians (The African American Mathematics Society) - Albert Turner Bharucha Lecture 1997, INFORMS, and AAAS.  

DR. EDWARDS honors and awards include being a NASA Administrator's Fellow (1997-99), a Spelman College Center for Scientific Applications of Mathematics Faculty Fellow (1994-95), a New York University Scholar- in-Residence (1992), a Bell Laboratories CRFP Fellow (1976-81), and a NASA Aerospace Fellow (1974-76). She also received the Most Outstanding Dissertation Award in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech (1990). One of her most both challenging and rewarding experiences has been serving as chairperson of the Mathematics Department of Spelman College. She is grateful to have supportive faculty members and college administrators.


Indonesia Fires: Area Burned and Gaseous & Particulate Emissions, Proceedings of the Workshop on Land/Forest Fires and Smoke Haze, National University of Singapore, 30 April - 2 May 1998. 

A Case Study in Scheduling Courses (served as research advisor for undergraduates: K. Woodson, E. Jenkins & T. Franklin), The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications, Summer 1994.

A Box Method for Minimizing Strictly Convex Quadratic Functions Over Convex Sets - Part II: Implementation of Heuristic Procedure, Advances in Optimization and Parallel Computing, (edited by P. M. Pardalos), Elsevier, 1992.

References: [personal communications with Teresa Edwards]

SUMMA Teresa Edwards web page: http://www.maa.org/summa/archive/Edwards.htm


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