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The National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) is a group of mathematicians dedicated to furthering mathematics among African Americans. Its current president is John W. Alexander.

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A History of NAM

NAM was first organized as an informal group, Black and Third World Mathematicians, by Johnny Houston and Scott Williams, who arranged for a gathering of people at the 1969 Annual Meeting of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). At the 1971 Annual Meeting of the AMS, it adopted the name the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM), and Walter Talbot became its first President.

NAM is presently made up of three geographical regions: The Southeast/Western region, which includes Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, California, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands; The Mid-Atlantic region, which includes North Carolina, Virginia, The District of Columbia, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania; and the Southwest/Midwest region, which includes Louisiana, Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Ohio.

In 1989, with the help and efforts of Donald Hill, NAM began its series, the "Granville-Brown Session of Recent Doctoral Recipients in the Mathematical Sciences Presented by Receipients of Recent Ph.D.'s" named after the first African American women Ph.D's Evelyn Boyd Granville and Marjorie Lee Browne. [ref1]

William W. S. Claytor Lecture

Cox-Talbot Lecture Series

Granville-Brown Session

Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecture

Regional Faculty Conference on Research and Teaching Excellence

Undergraduate MATHFest

The William Blake Lecture

The Undergraduate MathFest is a three-day weekend undergraduate mathematics research conference to enhance the development of American minority students.

Math Fest history:
MATHFest VII, Elizabeth State Univ., Oct 1997.
MATHFest VI, Xavier University, Oct 1996.
MATHFest V, Clark Atlanta University, Oct 1995.
MATHFest IV, N. Carolina A&T Univ., Oct 1994.
MATHFest III, Southern University, Oct 1993.
MATHFest II, Spelman College, March 1993.
MATHFest I, Hampton University, 1991.

Regional Faculty Conference on Research and Teaching Excellence

NAM's Regional Faculty Conference on Research and Teaching Excellence is for faculty and professional mathematicians. Aimed at developing new skills, identifying issues to be addressed in the mathematical education of students, and the creation of networks that support the goals of NAM.

Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecture

The Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid Lecture is given by a junior mathematician at the Regional Faculty Conference on Research and Teaching Excellence is for faculty and professional mathematicians.


John W. Alexander Jr.

James C. Turner Jr.
Vice President

Robert E. Bozeman

Johnny Houston
Executive Secretary

Janis Oldham
Newsletter Editor

Rogers Newman

Sylvia T. Bozeman
Region A Member

Leon C. Woodson
Region B Member

Mary Hawkins
Region C Member

Gloria C. Hewitt
Majority Institution Member

William A. Massey
Govt./Industry Member

Jacqueline B. Giles-Giron
Community College Member

(L to R) Hewitt, Alexander, Oldham, S. Bozeman, R. Bozeman


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