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There is an extraordinary large amount of poetry colected on the web - so much that to present and keep updated even a small part (say poets of the African diaspora) of this collection is a major undertaking. After viewing what is available on the web, I decided that job does not need my help. Instead, I will just include very large links pages, very large (100 or more) collections of poems, or certain collections of my special interest. There are two sections: Links to Large Collections of Poetry and THE BEST LINK PAGES to poetry.

Since 1/2/97, visitors to the poetry pages.

Links to Large Collections of Poetry


Interested in the best contemporary poetry? Try the Electronic Poetry Center - you can here the poets too

THE BEST LINK PAGES to poetry - do not ask me to link your pages unless your pages can supplant one of those below or your special interest is not covered.


NOTE, when submitting a poetry URL to Yahoo, first go to the page Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Poetry:Poets, unless it is your own poetry, in which case submit it to their personal pages section. They do reject items submitted to the wrong sections!

For submitting a page devoted to poetry by African Americans, enter in the "other category" form: Society_and_Culture/Cultures/African_American/Literature/

If the African American poems are all prior to 1950, also enter Society_and_Culture/Cultures/African_American/History/ in the "other category" form

In addition to informing the Universal Black Pages, also submit the URL to the search engines Altavista, Excite, and Infoseek.

Don't forget the search engines Altavista, Excite, and Infoseek - both for finding a specific poet or submitting a poetry page. I like Excite's review of pages for eliminating the wheat from the chaff. Make sure you use the "&" symbol instead of blank spaces. I like Infoseek because it includes a percentage as a rating, and thus, you can stop your search of thousands of pages when the percentage is below 50%.

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