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Catherine D. Harris, an African-American woman who ran an underground railroad station in the years preceding the Civil War in the City of Jamestown (1800-1860?).

Orra L. C. Hughes, a respected lawyer and a member of the Erie County Bar who lived in Collins Center, (1836 - 1901) He was appointed US consul to Haiti (Hayes administration). He was also superintendent of education in Tenessee during the Reconstruction period.

Cornelius Ford, first AA in the US to be president of an exchange? He was president of the livestock exchange in Buffalo (1900-1950?) He also was anowner of a meat packing plant on the east side.

Arthur (Art) Hardwick, first Black member of New York State Assembly (1960?). Lost to Art Eve. Married Shirley Chisolm (when) and lived in Buffalo suburb, Williamsville.

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Mr. and Mrs. John Dover, she was President of the Phyllis Club of Colored Women in 1901.

James Ross, a politician in 1901. Along with Mary Talbert, Ross and Dover tried unsuccessfully to get a Negro Education exhibit at the Pan-American Exhibition.