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from Scott's 59th birthday

In Frenchtown (St. Thomas)

the wedding

George & Jerry, Blue Beard friends

Limin' in St. Thomas flat (more VI)

with Scott in Louisiana


My real Home Page

My son Vance

My dogs (Pi) and Ike

My Aunt Edith

Lynn and Donovan


My huzbun Scott's web page

pictures of GLO - page 1

charmed by topologist Bohus Balcar,
(Prague 8/24/01)

meeting Vaclav's brother Ivan Havel at
The Center for Theoretical Studies (Prague 8/22/01)

Murat Tuncali vows to search for
the Clinton tie in Turkey (Prague 8/24/01)

In Frenchtown (St. Thomas 2/4/01)

at our wedding 8/4/95


George Unger at Blue Beard's Castle

Jerry Linder at Blue Beards Castle


Glo at Blue Beards Castle

Limin' in St. Thomas flat 2/2/01

at work 1/11/99

in Louisiana 3/1997


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