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Candid passages dealing with race, sex, and politics in Richard Wright's books had been cut or omitted before original publication. Unexpurgated versions of Native Son, Black Boy, and his other works were published in 1991.

Eight Men

Lawd Today!

Uncle Tom's Children (1938)

1938 The original publication of Uncle Tom's Children: Four Novellas with Harper and Brothers. The volume is to include "Big Boy Leaves Home," "Down by the Riverside," "Long Black Song," and "Fire and Cloud." In 1940 Uncle Tom's Children is reissued with two additions: "Bright and Morning Star" and "The Ethics of Living Jim Crow."

Native Son (1940)

1951 On 30 March, the film version of Native Son opens in Buenos Aires, where it is titled Sangre Negra. Although the original version was only 105 minutes, nearly thirty minutes are cut when the movie appears in the United States. On 16 June, the almost halved version opens in New York, where it is panned. It is banned in many states, although in 1952, Wright's family sees it in Mississippi. Wright's acting is seen as awkward, especially by American critics who remember Canada Lee's performance in the stage version.

Black Boy (1945)

The Outsider (1953)

White Man, Listen! (1957)

Demonic Genius of Richard Wright()

Color Curtain ()

Eight Men (1961)

American Hunger (1977)

Savage Holiday ()

Lawd Today! (1935,)

In 1935, Wright continues to publish poetry in small journals, and he begins submitting his first novel, "Cesspool," to publishers. Over the next few years it will be rejected repeatedly, and finally it will be published posthumously as Lawd Today!.