Me Too

I undouble undouble
I multiply multiply multiply
I play hide-and-seek hide-and-seek with myself
I subsubsubdivide
I cry and decry in two languages and cry and decry again
I disappear disappea disappe disapp disap disa dis di d
I me ME ME me ME ME
I see me seen see me seen
I use the THOU FORM with myself
I cut and recut myself
I remand myself with red thread
I disperse dis-perse dis-per-se
I AM MOVED i am moved I AM MOVED
I put myself in myself
I me WE me WE me WE me
I unkont reknot and unknot again
I me US me US me US
I singularize
I pluralize
I me too too me
I decenter DE-CENT-ER decenter
I play ping-pong alone from both sides
I schizo-schizo-schizophrenize
I split in several
I mask my mask and mask my mask and mask my mask
I meTOOize
I meUSize
I decentralize
I concentrate towards the open side
I add up add up add up and add up again
I redouble and redouble and redouble
I redouble some more
I ME too ME too ME I
I demultiply by two and remultiply by four


 © Raymond Federman

contents (of AUTO...BIO...GRAPHIC)