Science Fiction of Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley speaks.


The author Walter Mosley was born in 1952 Los Angeles, California. He attended Goddard College and Johnson State College, and has been a computer programmer. He is currently a professor of English at New York University.

to Moseley's Mysteries

I was introduced to Walter Mosley's books during the early 90s nearly simultaneously by my wife, a mystery writer friend, and President William Clinton. Mosley's mystery novels have often been compared to those of Raymond Chandler, he also writes invigorating science fiction.

Blue Light

Blue Light (1998)

His first science fiction novel, Blue Light, is Walter Moseley's first scifi novel and the prelude to a trilogy. From an unknown point in the universe, an inscrutable blue light approaches our solar system. When it reaches Earth, it transforms those it strikes, causing them to evolve beyond the present state of humanity. Each person imbues with the light becomes the full realization of his or her nature and potential, with strengths, understanding, and communication abilities far beyond our imagining.

Future Land (2001)

Life in America a generation from now isn't much different from today: The drugs are better, the daily grind is worse. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened to a chasm. You can store the world's legal knowledge on a chip in your little finger, while the Supreme Court has decreed that constitutional rights don't apply to any individual who challenges the system. Justice is swiftly delivered by automated courts, so the prison industry is booming. And while the media declare racism is dead, word on the street is that even in a colorless society, it's a crime to be black.

 But the world still turns and folks still have to get by with the hands they're dealt, folks such as: Ptolemy "Popo" Bent: This gentle backwoods child has a genius I.Q. - and a soul so pure that officials want him locked up forever... Folio Johnson: A hardboiled, cyber-augmented private eye who can see beneath the dark poetry of the metropolis, he will need an even greater edge than that to find out who's systematically murdering rich, young Nazis... Fera Jones: She's the boxing Queen of the Ring who must still fight all comers to save her dad, preserve her identity, and protect the fans who believe in her... Dr. Ivan Kismet: The world's richest man, Macrosoft's CEO is a tycoon, tyrant, and messiah who is evidently more powerful than God. So it's too bad for everyone that Dr. Kismet is utterly insane... Mixing cyberpunk with biting social commentary, and Matrix-style wonders with masterful literary skill, Walter Mosley brings to life the celebs, working stiffs, leaders, victims, technocrats, crooks, oppressors, and revolutionaries who inhabit a glorious all-American nightmare that's just around the corner. Welcome to Futureland.

Stories in Futureland: Whispers in the Dark; The Greatest;

Whispers in the Dark
A young African-American genius searches for God with the tools of
cutting-edge science. From the Futureland series of speculative fiction
short stories.
Only available as an eBook.

The Greatest

"The Greatest" introduces the latest challenger in the long history of
the manly art of boxing. Fera Jones stands 6' 9" tall, weighs in at 260
pounds-- and is all woman. From the Futureland series of speculative
fiction short stories.