Useful Walter Mosley Links

updated 11/8/98

I have searched for a month with 7 engines (e.g., Hotbot, Infodeek, etc.). Learned of 8000+ pages with Mosley+Walter, and read 600 of them. If there is anything of value other than book selling, tape selling, movie selling pages, I've listed them here. Couldn't even find a page for the HBO movie Always Outnumbered, always outgunned.

Walter Mosley.COM - his web page

Devil in a Blue Dress - the movie. They have stills, movies, sound clips- all sorts of stuff you can do on your own computer

W. W. Norton's Page - they published most of his books, and they're site is very good.

Black Classic Press - Mosley ditched WWNorton to give them a chance.

Audio Tapes to buy

Walter Mosley info - Excellent personal page

Walter Mosely's own page:

Paul Coates and Walter Mosley: Planting trees in the desert

Mosley speaking on "Black Male Heroes"

Colette's Archive: Walter Mosley

Easy Rawlins

Mosley's Otherbooks (RL's Dream; Always Outnumbered....; Blue Light)


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