Don Lee's POETRY:


But He Was Cool, or: he even stopped for green lights

a poem to compliment other poems

Haki Madhubuti (Don Lee)


Haki Madhubuti's POETRY




    it was wild.
    the bullet hit high.

      (the throat-neck)

    &from everywhere:

      the motel, from under blushes and cars,
      from around corners and across streets,
      out of the garbage cans and from rat holes
      in the earth

    they came running.
    they came running

toward the King--

      all of them
      fast and sure--

    as if
    the King
    was going to fire back.
    they came running,
    fast and sure,
    in the


But He Was Cool,or: he even stopped for green lights

a tan/purple
had a beautiful shade.

he had a double-natural
that wd put the sisters to shame.
&his beads were imported sea shells

    (from some blk/country i never heard of)

he was triple-hip.

his tikis were hand carved
out of ivory
&came express from the motherland.
he would greet u in swahili
&say good-by in yoruba.
woooooooooooo-jim he bes so cool &ill tel li gent

    cool-cool is so cool he was un-cooled by other niggers' cool
    cool-cool ultracool was bop-cool/ice box cool so cool cold cool
    his wine didn't have to be cooled, him was air conditioned cool
    cool-cool/real cool made me cool--now ain't that cool
    cool-cool so cool him nick-named refrigerator.

cool-cool so cool
he didn't know,
after detroit, newark, chicago &c.,
we had to hip

    cool-cool/ super-cool/ real cool

to be black
to be

a poem to compliment other poems

life if u were a match i wd light u into something beautiful. change.

for the better into a realreal together thing. change, from a make believe
nothing on cornmeal and water. change.
from the last drop to the first, maxwellhouse did. change.
change was a programmer for imb, thought him was a brown computer. change.
colored is something written on southern outhouses. change.
greyhound did, i mean they got rest rooms on buses. change.
change nigger.

saw a nigger hippy, him wanted to be different. changed.
saw a nigger liberal. him wanted to be different changed.
saw a nigger conservative, him wanted to be different. changed.
niggers don't u know that niggers are different. change.
a double change.
nigger wanted a double zero in front of his name; a license to kill,
niggers are licensed to be killed. change. a negro: something pigs eat.
change. i say change into a realblack righteous aim. like i don't play saxophone but that doesn't mean i don't dig 'trane.' change.

hear u coming but yr/steps are too loud. change. even a lamp post changes nigger.
change, stop being an instant yes machine. change.
niggers don't change they just grow. that's a change; bigger &better niggers. change, into a necessary blackself.
change, like a gas meter gets higher.
change, like a blues song talking about a righteous tomorrow.
change, like a tax bill getting higher.
change, like a good sister getting better.
change, like knowing wood will burn. change.
know the realenemy.
change nigger:
standing on the corner, thought him was cool.

    him still standing there. it's winter time, him cool.

know the realenemy.
him wanted to be a tv star. him is. ten o'clock news.

    wanted, wanted. nigger stole some lemon & lime popsicles, thought them were diamonds.

change nigger change.
know the realenemy.
is u is or is u aint. change. now now change. for the better change.

    read a change. live a change. read a blackpoem. change. be the realpeople.
    change. blackpoems

will change:
know the realenemy. change. know the realenemy. change yr/enemy change know the real
change know the real enemy change, change, know the realenemy, the realenemy, the real
realenemy change your the enemies/ change your change your change your enemy change
your enemy. know the realenemy, the world's enemy. know them know them know them the
realenemy change your enemy change your change change change your enemy change change
change change your change change change.
mind nigger.



Haki Madhubuti's POETRY