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From Anton Dvorak to Charlie Parker to Frank Sinatra to Alpha Blondy & 2PAC to.... All sorts of audio, muusic even comedy, is available in mp3 form. Why am I interested? mp3's can take 1/6 the space as an ordinary cd. So I can take 6 cds of music from my home MAC to play on my work MAC. Below are links to software for finding, making and listening to mp3s.

In case you're not familiar with MP3, it is the audio technology that is turning the music industry on it's ear. MP3 stands for Mpeg Layer 3, and it is a compression format that reduces the megabyte size of an audio file dramatically with minimal loss in sound quality. Here's an example. A 4 minute audio track normally comes in AIFF format for full CD quality and is about 40 megabytes. That same file in MP3 format is between 3 and 4.5 megabytes - one tenth the size. What's so great about this? Ten CDs of music now fit on one. You can put your entire music library on your hard drive in a very small amount of space - I now have over 150 CDs on a partition of my 26 gb drive with room to spare. You can also easily share MP3 files with friends over the Internet and if you have a portable MP3 player, you can create custom mixes and take them with you.  

Until this year, us Mac folks had to listen enviously to Windows users description of Napster. Now there is a program which allows Mac Os computers to connect to the Napster mp3 exchange. Until recently, MP3 software prohibited many Mac folks from making (encoding) their own MP3 files. Encoding an MP3 file meant using at least three our four different audio programs, one to rip (take music from) the CD, one to convert the file format, another program,... well it goes on. Now, however, there are programs - SoundJam and N2MP3 - which do every thing. Below I list these programs and others, including some of the old ones.

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Apple's iPod and competition among mp3 players.

free Macster Macs can connect to NAPSTER, premier mp3 exchange - see my review
free search engine to find mp3s macster and napster are ftp programs - this is www
free SoundJam free For 14 days use a free Full-Featured, all-in-one, MP3 Player and Encoder for the Macintosh comes with lots of skins and screen saver windows which react to music
$39 SoundJam plus v2.1 full my favorite MP3, CD and Streaming Audio player with playlist, also does quicktime audio. converts mp3 files between cd, avi, wav & aiff files- see my review
free SoundJam™ MP Developer Kit an excellent program for making skins and screen savers which come with SoundJam
$35 N2MP3 full MP3, CD and Streaming Audio player. Converts mp3 files to & from cd files
free Liquid Player digital music player for ASF, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, WAV, AVI, MIDI, MOV, VOD, AU, MP3, and QuickTime files. Connects to Liquid Audio Network to get mp3s. Does not convert back to mp3.
demo Audion 1.0.1 MP3, CD and Streaming Audio player for the MAC
MacAMP 1.0 Preview Edition MacAMP is an audio application designed to play various popular sound formats. Convert your MP3s to MacAMP-friendly files
share MacAMP Lite 1.5.2 MacAmp Lite is a lightweight audio application designed to play various popular sound formats. you can add and develop players & skins
free GrayAMP v1.0.0 Small, OS 8 friendly. GrayAMP was designed to play
your MP3s in the background using minimal processing power
 free  QuickAmp  full featured player MacOS 7.6 or better-PowerPC,G3 or G4
share BayTex Party Software for mixing MP3 song in real time
MacP3 v1.5 Both PPC and 68K tools for managing, opening, identifying, and handling MP3s
free SoundApp 2.6.1 A first rate multi-format sound player/converter works with OS7.5
QuickMP3 1.6 Lets you play lists of MP3s using QuickTime 4
$$$ MPEG for RealSystem G2 Macintosh MPEG for RealSystem G2 enables content providers to stream MP3s as well as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.
MPEG plug-in for the RealPlayer G2 Bitcasting's plug-in for the RealPlayer G2
mp3voodoo 1.1b3 Lets you browse, select and play your valuable mp3 files
MacPlay3 Power-PC Realtime mp3 player
free MP3 Inspector 1.1.1 |
MP3 Inspector 1.2b3
Edit ID3 tags and view information about an MP3 file
MegaSeg 1.1 Mobile DJ Music Automation for iMacs and PowerBooks
free Trax 2.55 playlist creator
share Net Deck Plays entire MPEG sounds downloaded from Netscape
share Play it Cool 3.31 QuickTime and QuickTime VR movie player and editor
share MPEG Audio | Mpeg Audio Player 1.21 Plays and converts MPEG audio
free MPecker Drop Decoder 1.6.3 Convert standard MPEG audio files to AIFF files
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