strategy -



Enter the mine building and take the elevator down. Chat with the miners-these poor enslaved wretches are even worse off than their counterparts in the Nashkell area, and could use a bit of hope. In the northeast part of the first level, you'll find a floodlock door. Talk to a nearby miner to discover its current (and potential future) use. Once you're done exploring here, the doglegged southern tunnel will take you down to the second level.



Unfortunately, the master of the mines is a spellcaster, which means you'll find several devious traps from here on down. Treat Imoen to another Invisibility spell, and have her scour the level for traps before you send the rest of your party in. One room is practically stuffed full of guards-once you're ready to take them on, arrange your party in the large outer hallway and send a heavily-armored melee fighter down the twisting passage to lure the enemy to you. Since only a few of them can fit in the smaller hallway at a time, you'll be able to deal with them on far more even terms.

Once the level 2 prison area is clear, have Imoen check the kitchen for a secret door. A haunted back passageway will lead you to occupied cells and the dwarven cleric Yeslick, who can replacing your discarded companions. Chat with Yeslick and his cellmate Rill, then add the dwarf to your party and continue on to level three.



 This floor is infested with hobgoblins, so rest before entering if you're running low on health or spells. The stairs to the fourth level (and Daveorn) are in the southeast corner of the level.


As soon as you enter the fourth level, Daveorn will sense your arrival and surround himself with defensive shielding. Now there are two solutions.

1. Take your thief and disarm the four traps leading to Daveon - then quickly return to the entering hall. The last of these traps triggered cause the two powerful guards to show up, and they are powerful. Now take your fastest moving guy and trick Daveon to follow you to within range of your fighters and wizard. Now pour all your power into beating him. A summon monsters wand comes in handy here as it does when ever ther forces are too powerful for you to beat without a sword battle from which you can lose.

2. you want the experience points in beating his guards. By the time you battle your way past his champions, the magic will have worn off. Once you've defeated the guard, get ready for the toughest fight in your quest, so far. If you're even remotely low on health, or have used so much as a single spell, return to the previous level and rest.


Back on level four, cast Invisibility on Imoen and Yeslick. Send them down the passage to the southwest, making sure that Imoen removes all traps, until they can just see Daveorn. Leave them right there until his protective spells expire. Then, send Yeslick northwest into the room with the rug, and have him stand against the chest, facing back down the hallway. Send Imoen into the room where Daveorn is standing. He'll be able to sense something, but not actually figure out where she is. If she's lucky, she'll be able to get off a backstab. Either way, he'll teleport to the rug room. Immediately, send everyone but Yeslick southwest, through the room in which Daveorn originally appeared, and into the bedroom. Meanwhile, as soon as Daveorn appears in the rug room, have the invisible Yeslick cast Silence on him. If the spell is successful, send everyone back up to the rug room to beat on him. Otherwise, he'll teleport right into the middle of them, and you can perform a melee rush with ease.
Once Daveorn is dead, search the body and pocket all his possessions, then loot the area for helpful magic. Take the elevator back up to the first level, and bring the floodlock key to the nearby miner. A watery grave awaits those who supported the Iron Throne, and a host of grateful ex-slaves will carry word of your heroism to Baldur's Gate.