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east sewer

central sewer

west sewer



  1. This is a brothel. Lots of prostitutes around, but none of them are willing to ahem you see what I mean. In any case, it seems an intriguing place to be.
  2. to the Blushing Mermaid in the Northeast BG.
  3. If you are on Degrodel's quest and that you have already turned Vail back to flesh, you have probably read in his letter a passage about Quenash, the beautiful fallen saint(a prostitute). Here she is, and she has the Cloak of Balduran (she could have sold it and lived like a queen with all the money she would have got!). In any case, if you tell her that you are from Vail and that you describe him (choices: 3-6-1) she'll hand you over the cloak. You can also pickpocket her to get it.
  4. to the west sewer. This also serves as an office for Dillar, the owner of the Undercellar, who tells you to get out of it.
  5. to the central sewer. There is a door "hidden" on one of the walls of this room. You don't need a thief to find it, just pass your pointer over the walls till the door is highlighted.
  6. to the east sewer.

East sewer:

C. Carrion Crawlers
Phase Spiders

  1. the Ogre Mage responsible for the abductions in the city. He has been helped by a group of Carrion Crawlers in his nocturnal trips. The Carrion Crawlers were eating the victims and he was keeping their belongings. Not a bad deal all in all. Of course he'll try to kill you and there are about 8 Carrion Crawlers around. Keep the Ruby Ring because Scar will give you a reward for it. Once it's done, just return to Scar for your reward.
  2. 4 corpses and some minor treasures. You just need one corpse for Arkion. Be careful because they are heavy and a potion of strength might help.
  3. to the undercellar
  4. to the west sewer.

Central sewer:

0. jelley

  1. to the undercellar
  2. There are 2 corpses dumped in the water around this spot. If you are on Arkion's quest you can collect one of them and bring it to him.
  3. Sewer Cleaner gives advice.
  4. to the east sewers.
  5. Ratchild is the master of the kobold commandos of the sewers and no matter what you say he attacks you.
  6. to the west sewers.

West sewer

G. Ghasts
Phase Spiders, Huge Spiders, Giant Spiders

  1. There is one corpse in the water around this spot. Pick it up if you are on Arkion's quest and bring it back to him.
  2. Schlumpsha is a slime who claims to be the king of the sewers. He also knows a lot about YOU, which is even more surprising. You can talk your way out of it (choices: 2-2-2) or fight him and his subjects for 4075 XP.
  3. Yet another corpse can be found around this spot. You probably know where to bring it if you have been reading this walkthrough for a while
  4. Shvertszche is a man who has been blessed by Schlumpsha the Sewer King from where he received a green skin and name.
  5. to the central sewers.
  6. to the Iron Throne
  7. to the Undercellar