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Walk Through: Prologue

The Prologue is not particularly dangerous but helps to set the stage for the story line. In essence it is a tutorial area that you can use to learn game mechanics. It's worth talking to everyone and completing the quests here for a bit of gold and experience points before talking to your foster father Gorion and leaving Candlekeep. You should also purchase equipment at the Inn. Use all your funds, no sense in carrying gold when a few arrows can be the difference between life and death as you travel the often unfriendly roads of the Sword Coast.

Another thing to be sure to do is to open every barrel, chest, box or table you can and take what you find. You can always sell it for a few gold pieces if you cannot use it. In fact, if it isn't nailed down, pick it up! Once you've armed yourself and done any of the quests you want to perform here, talk to Gorion on the steps of the library inside the inner keep. Tell him you are ready to go and you'll be healed and escorted outside the keep.

Finding Phlydia's Book

Phlydia is standing just northeast of the Inn. She has mislaid her book. You can find it by walking east from there until you find the man standing near a cow. Look in the hay to find the book. Return it to her for a reward of an gem and 50 xp.

Curing Nessa the Cow

If you talk to Dreppin (near a cow and hay bales) he will tell you that Nessa is sick. He asks you to get a potion. You'll find an antidote potion in an unlocked chest in the army barracks south of the main keep. Return it for a reward of 50 xp. Actually, you might want to keep the potion, it may be worth more than the xp!

Retrieving Hull's Sword

If you head toward the far east of Candlekeep and talk to the guard just south of the gate he will tell you that he forgot his sword when he came on duty. It is in the same chest as the Antidote potion that you need to cure Nessa. Return it for a 10 gp and 50xp.

Returning the Scroll to Firebead

If you talk to the man near the fireplace in the main room of the Inn he will ask you to get a scroll for him. To find this, enter the inner keep gardens on the north side. Tethtoril will give you an Identify Scroll which you can return for 50xp and a potion of healing.

Getting the Rats out of the Store Room

On the east side of the keep, talk to the Dwarf Reevor. He'll tell you that you need to get rid of the rats. Enter the building behind him and kill the rats for a few gold pieces and 50 xp.

The Assassins

Although this isn't properly a quest, it is worth mentioning here. There are two assassins in the keep. One is located in the priest's quarters on the north side of the keep and one is located in the bunk house at the south. Both are armed with daggers and should be simple to defeat, but you do get a little experience. Get used to assassination attempts, these won't be the last!

Walk Through: Chapter 1

 Chapter 1 begins after the death of Gorion. When you wake up the next morning Imoen, a Neutral Good thief, will greet you. Talk to her and add her to your party whether you think she will stay with you in the long run or not. A thief is very handy in the game, and she has a bow and can use it effectively which will help in the next little while. Be sure to head north to where Gorion was killed and pick up the loot on the ground.

 Further along the road right near the east exit of this area are the characters Montaron and Xzar. If you are a neutral or evil character by all means add them to your party. Even if you are a good character, talk to them to get a healing potion and think about adding them in the short term. Long term they will have to go, but you can use them as cannon fodder on your way to the Friendly Arm Inn.

 Head east from this area after hunting some Gibberlings and Wolves for experience if you choose. The new area you will enter is the hub to either the Friendly Arm Inn to the north or the town of Beregost to the south. Neutral or evil parties can skip the next bit and head south toward Beregost, just stay on the road and it should be pretty safe. Good parties should head north, again along the safe road towards the Friendly Arm Inn. Either way, before you leave here head due Northeast from where you came on to the map. You will find a boulder with a slit on the top. If you are careful, you'll find a ring of protection +1 in the boulder - its north of the direction tower.

 If you headed north towards the Friendly Arm head due east from where you entered the map. About half way along toward the eastern edge you will come to a pine tree with some rocks just south of it along the southern edge of the map. Look between the rocks and tree for a ring of magery (apparently not in the Mac version) that doubles the number of first level spells a mage can memorize. Next, detour around the Inn along the east side of the map and exit to the area to the north. This detour is helpful in that it avoids some Hobgoblins along the road to the west of the Keep. In the new area travel along the road and talk to Ajantis. Add him to your party and then exit to the south back to the Friendly Arm Inn. You'll encounter some Hobgoblins when you enter the area, but you should be able to tackle them with your three characters now.

 Inside the Keep is the Inn and a temple. There is also an assassin waiting for you on the steps that lead to the entrance to the Inn. The assassin is a mage, but you should be able to take him out with your three members of the party, and the guards will also help. It is easiest to walk along the very south edge of the keep and around the temple and then towards the steps. This allows the guards to get to the mage to fight, your characters will not be in the way. Use your formation of a line with Ajantis in the front and your character and Imoen trailing using ranged weapons.

 Once you have defeated the assassin enter the Inn and head to the east side of the first floor. Speak to Khalid and Jaheira and add them to the party. Sell any loot you have gathered and provision as needed. It is also worthwhile to adjust spells for Jaheira to focus on healing and to rest while you are here.

 Quests Begun in Friendly Arm Inn

Joia's ring

Quest1: Joia lives in a hut just inside and to the west of the entrance to the stronghold. Her husband's ring is possessed by the Hobgoblins you beat after ajantis joined. Speak to her once to get the quest and a second time after you have the ring. If you return it, you will get 400 xp and ruptation +1.

Quest2: Head upstairs in the Inn to the third floor and speak to Landrin. She will tell you about a problem she has. Her home in Beregost, which is right next to the Jolly Juggler Inn is infested with giant spiders. She wants you to get some things from there for her. When you get to Beregost you can do as she asks, then speak to her again when you next visit the Friendly Arm for a reward of 575 gp and 520 xp. You need to be sure to grab the wine, boots and the spider corpse for the full reward.

Quest3: Speak to Unshey on the second floor to get another quest to return a girdle of piercing he lost to an Ogre south of the Inn. The Ogre is in the tile just south of the Inn along the center of the eastern edge. The Ogre has two belts, one is the one that Unshey wanted, the other is a cursed belt that changes the gender of the person wearing it. If you return the belt to Unshey he will give you 70 gp and you will earn 800 xp.

 OK, it is time to set off to south towards Beregost. Head south to the region you were in before. Then head along the road to the south and Beregost.

 In Beregost

 There are several quests that start in Beregost, but I will only focus on the simpler ones that you can handle at this point. Talk to Garrick outside the Burning Wizard. He'll offer you a job. Accept it and follow him to the area outside of the Red Sheaf Inn. Talk to Silke. When you have the option decline to kill the people she was meeting (unless you are evil, then go for it I suppose) and she will attack you. Kill her and you'll net 900 xp, a bit of gold, a staff+1 and an invulnerability potion. Talk to the people she wanted you to kill and you'll also get a potion of defense. You can now talk to Garrick again and add him to the party if you choose.

 In a building at the far east of the area is a woman named Miriane. She is worried about her husband. She asks you to see if you can find anything out. Along the road in the area just south of Beregost you'll meet two Ogrillons, one of which is carrying a letter. Return this to Miriane for 300 xp and a ring of protection+1.

 If you aren't opposed to some petty larceny, and let's face it a completely honest adventurer is a poor adventurer, head to the large house at the north of town. You will have to pick the lock on the front door. Send in your thief alone and ignore the guards. Simply go upstairs and in one of the rooms you'll find some gems, a potion of invisibility and the big winner, a wand of lightning bolt! Save these magical items for later, we will use them to good advantage. Be careful, houses or hotels or shops where nothing seems important, may become important later. For example, once I killed someone in the Jolly Juggler, I had to unneccesarily fight there the entire rest of the game.

 While here in Beregost also be sure to deal with the spider infestation in the house next to the Jolly Juggler. The difficulty with them is that there are four, and you are likely to be poisoned, something you may not have the skills to cure quickly enough to avoid dieing. That is a problem, but save before entering the spider house and if you screw up, well, try it again.

 With these quests out of the way it is time to head south once again. Go south from Beregost into the same area as where you found the note for Mariane. You can clear it of foes for xp and gold if you choose, or simply head along the road, which should now be safe, to the south again. Exit to the south of the map.

 You'll now be in hill country. Follow the road, and you'll be jumped by several Hobgoblins. Defeat them and continue along the road south. When given the choice, go to the Carnival, not Nashkel. This will put you into Chapter 2.  

Walk Through: Chapter 2

CARNIVAL: When you enter the Carnival you will probably be attacked by kobold archers. You should be able to dispatch them. Do so and gather the loot. Head south to the carnival area and sell the surplus at the weapons tents. Next, head to the tent of Zardral. When you talk to him, pick the first choice to insult him. He will forget about killing Bentha and attack you. Kill him and then talk to Bentha and ask for magic. You should net 900 xp, a mage robe, two scrolls and an antidote potion. You rule!

While here, avoid the tent called Vitiare. You'll lose 100 gp to a master thief, with little you can do about it except kill him before he initiates conversation. If you take that road, he carries 150 gp and a potion of master thievery. The tent marked Merchant allows you to purchase two potions. One gives you intelligence of 18 for a day, the other strength of 18 for a day at the cost of 50 gp. Not worth it, in all likelihood, but that is what they do. You'll pay the price in lowered intelligence for the Strength potion, and vice versa.

If you have only five members in your party you may be interested in talking to Zeke. He offers you a scroll of Stone to Flesh for 500 gp. You can use it on Branwen, a cleric, and then add her to the party. Or, purchase such a scroll from a temple to save yourself some gold.

NASHKEL: You should now head off to the west into Nashkel itself. Nashkel provides a few items of entertainment for you at this point. Talk to Oublek first. He will mistake you for another person. You can swindle him for 200 gp if you are really desperate or tell him he is mistaken and have your reputation increase by 1.

Next, talk to Berrun Ghastkill. He will give you a quest to find out what is happening in the Nashkel Mines. This is the main quest of the first part of the game.

If you go into the Inn to rest, be prepared. Another assassin, by far the toughest yet, will attack you. If you can kill her you will net 650 xp and a helm of infravision. Once you've sold anything you need to and re-equipped at the merchant head over the bridge to the south. Noober will accost you and pester you with dialog. If you are really annoyed kill the bastard. If you are patient enough and ignore him you will earn 400 xp and he will go away permanently. Thank goodness.

Just along the road from Oublek to the Southeast is Minsc. He is a Neutral Good Ranger who is, how shall I put it, a bit touched in the head. He is amusing though, and a good fighter, so he may be worth adding to your party in place of the Bard for parties of Good alignment.

Also on the bridge is Edwin, a Lawful Evil Conjurer. Evil parties may wish to accept his "no questions asked" hit contract on a witch, he will join the party if you do. Head to the western side of the map in the plowed field area. On the western field just below a small tree is a set of Ankheg Plate Armor. Should come in pretty handy. Now head south from Nashkel to the Mines.

NASHKEL MINES: First decide to save Prism. If you try you'll get 200gp and xp. There are between two and four Winter Wolves wandering in the southern part of the outdoor area. They are worth 225xp each and their pelts are worth even more than bandit pelts.

To get to the mines go to the very northwest corner of the map and search the tree stump. Youll find a wand of frost. Next, head into the mine pit and talk to Emerson. He'll tell you you have 24 hours to investigate, but you can take as long as you need. Then talk to the Amnish soldiers and head into the mine itself. Rather than demons the mine is infested by Kobolds, the dog boy kin of our hero Kerbe:. You'll meet a lot of them, but they should normally be pretty easy to dispose of. Mine Details.

Next Section: Walk Through: Chapter 3

Walk Through: Chapter 3

Head out of the Nashkel Mines the way you came in. Note: you can exit the mines from the lowest level, but it puts you in a pretty bad neighborhood you may not be prepared for. Once out of the mines, head back to Nashkel and talk to Berrun Ghastkill for your reward of 900 gp and 1000 xp.

As you head toward the Inn to rest you will encounter yet another assassin intent on killing you. Will these idiots never give up? You may wish to wait until the Nashkel guards are near at hand before approaching the Inn, they will help you to dispatch the fellow. In the carnage you will discover magic boots, a ring of infravision, and a short sword+1.

Head back to Beregost and enter the Jolly Juggler. Officer Vai of the Flaming Fist is offering 50 gp per bandit you can kill. My, that's a nice bounty. These bandits must be causing a lot of trouble. It's time we found out what they were up to, don't you think?

Buffing Up With Experience

Unfortunately, we aren't yet tough enough to tackle the bandit's stronghold, more is the pity. Instead, we need to get more experience while doing some exploring. So, it's time to see what lies north of the Friendly Arm Inn along the road to Baldur's Gate.

North of the Friendly Arms Inn is the tile where we found Ajantis the Paladin. Further along the road to the west and a bit north are three NPCs standing around. If you run into any bandits here, kill them and take their scalps. Note that bandit scalps stack if you need room in inventory! Talk to Sonner. He'll tell you that a witch has been causing the village a lot of trouble. Tell him you will take care of his problem.

Now, this whole area is infested with Ankheg. They are too tough for us, so we need to avoid them. Fortunately, it isn't hard to do. Head due north from Sonner to the beach behind the trees. It is important to stay on the beach, or you are likely to encounter an Ankheg, much to your regret. Follow it North and exit the tile to the north, to the Bridge.

The Bridge to Baldur's Gate. If you go across it you will find it is closed by order of the Duke. But, you can ignore it for now and head north along the eastern shore until you come to a small house with Tenya standing outside. Talk to her and tell her you are here to stop her vile actions. She will attack you. Attack her and when you first hit her she will talk to you again. Tell her you will help her and STOP the combat. She should be blue to you again. Now, head back to Sonner in the tile to the south retracing your footsteps along the beach. Tell Sonner about what Tenya told you and demand the bowl. He'll give it to you and although the villagers turn red they usually will not attack, there is no need to kill them unless you are annoyed at how they smell. Now head back to Tenya and collect a reward of 2500 xp! A lot easier than killing 300 Kobolds, huh?

OK, time to head back south for easier hunting grounds. Tromp to Beregost and then head west to High Hedge. Walk down the path/road southwest until you hit the keep. You will pass the Ranger Kivan (he's not as strong as Minsc, but fights slightly better). Skirt the north side of the keep until you find some skeletons. Kill them and keep one of the heads. Now head south killing any other skeletons, gnolls,spiders, and dogs in your way and exit to the south of the tile into the hills. Once in the hills go east just under the ridgeline so you are following the top of the map more or less. You will come to a wolf and a chicken, kill the wolf and then talk to the chicken. He is actually a polymorphed person! Agree to help him by taking him to his former master. Head back the way you got here to High Hedge and enter the keep. Save your game here and then talk to the mage Thalantyr in the center of the keep. Convince him to help, don't just leave. He'll ask you to get a skull. Conveniently we have one! Save again. Now talk to him and give him the skull. He will cast the Antichickenator spell and either the chicken will be turned back into a man or it will explode. More often than not explosion is the result, so reload and try again if it happens. Once the spell works talk to Mellicamp to get 2000 xp and an increase of 1 to your reputation.

The Bandit Camp

At this point most of your party should have between five and six thousand xp and be about 3rd level. We should now have what we need to tackle the pesky bandits. But, where to find them? Located on the second floor of Feldepost's Inn in Beregost is a mage called Tranzig. You can wring the information out of him before killing him for 975 xp, a ring of protection+1 and a wand of magic missiles. Parenthetically, also on the second floor of the Inn is a man named Algernon. If you pickpocket him you will steal his cloak which gives the wearer Charisma+2 and is the object of a quest picked up in the city of Baldur's Gate.

You may know where the camp is, but you still can't get there. How annoying! But, that's why I am here to help you. Head to the Friendly Arm Inn and rest. Then head east into the tile called Peldvale. Use your thief to hide in shadows and send him or her due north until the tile border and then due east until you see Raiken. While still hidden talk to him and tell him you wish to join his group and that you know that the only profit on the Sword Coast is with the bandits. He will take your party to the bandit camp where you will talk to Tazoc. You need to convince him you are OK. Be diplomatic, it's the best way. Once he thinks you are all right you will have infiltrated the camp and earned 400 xp. You can now walk about at your leisure here.

The place is crawling with bad guys. You can duke it out, not perhaps the smartest approach, or go right for the throat. In the end, either way you get there, your goal is Tazoc's tent which is the large building on the east side of the camp. Inside you will face your first really difficult battle. So, I'm here to help you cheat death once again!

It's time your mage finally earned his keep. He should drink the invisibility potion and equip the wand of Lightning Bolt you stole from the manor in Beregost and then go into the tent alone. At the door do not move, just talk to the person and then wait. You will see three bad guys highlighted red, but they can't see you so they will not attack. Use your wand on the mage at the left. The lightning will hit him, bounce and hit another bad guy in front of you! Do this twice to kill the mage and then once more to kill the man in front of you. Then target the knoll and kill him the same way. Now, move over to the right until you see the hobgoblin. Now it is time to bring in fresh troops, have the rest of the party come in and attack the Hobgoblin. Once you've won the battle save your game. You should find you earned 3750 xp and will find several scrolls, a mage robe of fire resistance, 10 arrows of ice and a couple healing potions on the bodies. Yummy.

Now talk to Ender Sai. It seems that the mystery is deeper than you thought. Use your thief to detect traps on the chest that was behind Ender. Then disarm the trap and take the loot inside... a whopping 2000 gp and several nice scrolls plus a letter that will send you into Chapter 4 and your next target, the Cloakwood. Before you leave the tent search the sacks and barrels to find another 700+ gp and a potion of magic blocking that will be useful later on. When leaving the camp you can kill all the bandits if you choose, but it will be slightly tough sledding, there are some wickedly good bowmen here, or just leave to the west and the Friendly Arm Inn.

On your map should now be a new entry, Cloakwood. This is the first of a series of areas that you must traverse to get to some Iron Mines that house a lot of bad guy higher-ups in the Iron Fist, the group behind the troubles on the Sword Coast. You can try tackling this now, but it gets pretty hard with lots of tough spiders, Etterlings, and some other things to worry about in a few areas. Rather than walk you through this part of the game, we'll leave you here. You can choose to go for it or adventure in the lands to build up experience. It's best to be at least 5th level all around by the Mines, so have fun and be safe in your travels! Suffice to say, you are well on your way to ultimate victory!

Chapter 4

Gnoll Stronghold

Minsc in Nashkel will tell you that he is going to save his charge from the Gnoll Stronghold and will invite you along. Go to the southwest corner of the map to reach the Gnoll Stronghold. Fight your many through many gnolls until you find the powerful wizardress Dynaheir in one of the pits, she will join you if you need that kind of help.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Getting extra money:

Got this stuff from the internet for my kids. Don't know the source or anymore - it seems to be gone.

During play press Crtl+Tab and a window will pop up. Hit enter and you get 500GP.