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1. Syllabus

2. Problems

Chapter 2 problems due 10/22/99

Chapter 3 problems due Monday 11/15/99

Chapter 1  pg3 [3c, 4(a, d, f, i)]   pg9 [ 6(a, b, c), 7]  pg 18 [7] pg 31 [2(d), 3(b), 6(a, b, c)]  
Chapter 2 1.7 (8, 9) 2.8 (3, 6, 8, 11) 3.12 (4, 10) 4.10 (2b, 2c) 5.8 (2, 6a, 6b, 6c)
Chapter 3  pg100 [3, 9(b), 13(a,b)]  pg 108 [8, 11, 13]  pg 118 [1(b), 5, 11(a)]  pg 128 [2]  pg 139 [1(b, c, e, f), 3, 11]
Chapter 4          
Chapter 5          


4. Special Notes


A. WE WILL BE USING MY CLASS NOTES instead of a text. The notes can be purchased at the main department office for a "small" fee.

B. Determination of course grade: performance on the problem assignments. I will give you approximately 40 problems to solve this term.

Rules for problem solutions: Some of the problems are difficult and you are encouraged to work together with restrictions: You can show other people your solution on a blackboard; however, they may not copy it. AGAIN, you are not allowed to take notes of anyone elses solution. If you are using another source - book or person for help on a problem, I expect you to document it with the book and page numbers or the person's name.

C. Help
a. I am available for an hour or more after each class.
b. OFFICE: 331 Diefendorf: My office hours there are by appointment ONLY - I am rarely in that room.

contact Dr. Williams


In this place I will place links to various classroom-useful material on Topology

COMPACT, my experimental web-tutorial on compactness.

countable Boolean algebras

metric spaces are paracompact - a short proof

Topology Atlas - tries to be an encyclopedia on topology and has a place to submit questions.

Topology Links

Mathematics Links

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