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Welcome to the Land of Many Manifolds.Searching for a one-sided surface?

Need a zero-volume bottle? Want the ultimate in non-orientability?



At last, Acme has conquered topological and engineering frontiers to manufacture genuine glass Klein Bottles. These are the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions. These beautiful glass bottles make great gifts, fantastic displays, and inferior mouse-traps. With its circle of singularities, an Acme Klein Bottle can be said to exist inside of itself -- especially handy during time-reversals.A topologist's delight, hand crafted in glass.

Acme's low cost bottles for sale:

Classical Klein Bottle $42
ErlenmeyerKlein Bottle $42
Top Mouthed Erlenmeyer $42

ACME's not-so-low-cost bottles:

Sliced bottles -see the Möbius Loop! & custom designs
Specials - made to order manifolds

NEW!!! Non-metrizable -dimensional manifolds!

ACME's soon-to-be-available Klein Bottles:

Half Pint Classical (coming real soon)
Real Little Classical (coming soon)

OK, So what's a Klein Bottle?
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